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Use the “Find Books” quick-search box in the top-right corner of every page to look for HUP books quickly by title, author, subject, series, or ISBN. Or use the form below for a more specific search of multiple categories.

Search Tips
  • Search is case-insensitive; that is, capitalization does not matter.
  • Use quotation marks to find precise wording. For example: “stanley fish”
  • Use “wild card” characters to find extra matches. An asterisk (*) matches any character. An “at” symbol (@) matches a single character. For example:
    Searching for f*sh finds fish, fash, fresh and flesh;
    Searching for f@sh finds fish and fash.
  • Subject categories correspond to the BISAC Subject Headings assigned to each title.
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You can also visit our Browse page for lists of books by subject, series, and publishing partner, and to subcribe to RSS feeds of these lists.

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Search the complete text of this website and affiliated sites (such as the HUP Blog). In addition to book metadata (like title, author, and ISBN), you can search within the text of book descriptions, tables of contents, and reviews, as well as for general information about Harvard University Press. Search results will appear below.

Search Inside Books

Search the full text of Harvard University Press titles in the Google Books program. For some books, you can view the pages of the book in which your search terms appear. Otherwise you will see bibliographic information for books that meet your search criteria.

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