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Understanding Poverty

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ISBN 9780674008762

Publication Date: 04/01/2002


576 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

46 line illustrations, 54 tables

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  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Evolution of Poverty and Antipoverty Policy [Sheldon H. Danziger and Robert H. Haveman]
  • I. Trends and Determinants of Poverty, Inequality, and Mobility
    • 1. The Level, Trend, and Composition of Poverty [Gary Burtless and Timothy M. Smeeding]
    • 2. Changes in Family Structure: Implications for Poverty and Related Policy [Maria Cancian and Deborah Reed]
    • 3. The Rising Tide Lifts …? [Richard B. Freeman]
    • 4. Mobility, Persistence, and the Consequences of Poverty for Children: Child and Adult Outcomes [Mary Corcoran]
    • 5. U.S. Poverty in a Cross-national Context [Timothy M. Smeeding, Lee Rainwater, and Gary Burtless]
  • II. The Evolution of Antipoverty Policies
    • 6. The Evolution of Income Support Policy in Recent Decades [John Karl Scholz and Kara Levine]
    • 7. Welfare Policy in Transition: Redefining the Social Contract for Poor Citizen Families with Children and for Immigrants [Ladonna A. Pavetti]
    • 8. Health Policies for the Non-elderly Poor [John Mullahy and Barbara L. Wolfe]
    • 9. Investing in the Future: Reducing Poverty through Human Capital Investments [Lynn A. Karoly]
  • III. Neighborhoods, Groups, and Communities
    • 10. Housing Discrimination and Residential Segregation as Causes of Poverty [John Yinger]
    • 11. The Memberships Theory of Poverty: The Role of Group Affiliations in Determining Socioeconomic Outcomes [Steven N. Durlauf]
    • 12. Community Revitalization, Jobs, and the Well-being of the Inner-city Poor [Ronald F. Ferguson]
  • IV. Concluding Thoughts
    • 13. Politics, Race, and Poverty Research [Glenn C. Loury]
    • 14. Poverty Research and Antipoverty Policy after the Technological Revolution [David R. Harris]
    • 15. Research on Poverty and Antipoverty Policies [Jane Waldfogel]
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index