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Famous Women

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Publication: April 2003

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320 pages

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The I Tatti Renaissance Library


  • Introduction
  • Famous Women
    • Dedication
    • Preface
    • I. Eve, Our First Mother
    • II. Semiramis, Queen of the Assyrians
    • III. Opis, Wife of Saturn
    • IV. Juno, Goddess of the Kingdoms
    • V. Ceres, Goddess of the Harvest and Queen of Sicily
    • VI. Minerva
    • VII. Venus, Queen of Cyprus
    • VIII. Isis, Queen and Goddess of Egypt
    • IX. Europa, Queen of Crete
    • X. Libya, Queen of Libya
    • XI-XII. Marpesia and Lampedo, Queens of the Amazons
    • XIII. Thisbe, a Babylonian Maiden
    • XIV. Hypermnestra, Queen of the Argives and Priestess of Juno
    • XV. Niobe, Queen of Thebes
    • XVI. Hypsipyle, Queen of Lemnos
    • XVII. Medea, Queen of Colchis
    • XVIII. Arachne of Colophon
    • XIX-XX. Orithya and Antiope, Queens of the Amazons
    • XXI. The Sybil Erythraea or Heriphile
    • XXII. Medusa, Daughter of Phorcus
    • XXIII. Iole, Daughter of the King of the Aetolians
    • XXIV. Deianira, Wife of Hercules
    • XXV. Jocasta, Queen of Thebes
    • XXVI. The Sybil Almathea, or Deiphebe
    • XXVII. Nicostrata, or Carmenta, Daughter of King Ionius
    • XXVIII. Pocris, Wife of Cephalus
    • XXIX. Argia, Wife of Polynices and Daughter of King Adrastus
    • XXX. Manto, Daughter of Tiresias
    • XXXI. The Wives of the Minyans
    • XXXII. Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons
    • XXXIII. Polyxena, Daughter of King Priam
    • XXXIV. Hecuba, Queen of the Trojans
    • XXXV. Cassandra, Daughter of King Priam of Troy
    • XXXVI. Clytemnestra, Queen of Mycenae
    • XXXVII. Helen, Wife of King Menelaus
    • XXXVIII. Circe, Daughter of the Sun
    • XXXIX. Camilla, Queen of the Volscians
    • XL. Penelope, Wife of Ulysses
    • XLI. Lavinia, Queen of Laurentum
    • XLII. Dido, or Elissa, Queen of Carthage
    • XLIII. Nicaula, Queen of Ethiopia
    • XLIV. Pamphile, Daughter of Platea
    • XLV. Rhea Ilia, Vestal Virgin
    • XLVI. Gaia Cyrilla, Wife of King Tarquinius Priscus
    • XLVII. Sappho, Girl of Lesbos and Poetess
    • XLVIII. Lucretia, Wife of Collatinus
    • XLIX. Tamyris, Queen of Scythia
    • L. Leaena, a Prostitute
    • LI. Athaliah, Queen of Jerusalem
    • LII. Cloelia, a Roman Maiden
    • LIII. Hippo, a Greek Woman
    • LIV. Megullia Dotata
    • LV. Veturia, a Roman Matron
    • LVI. Thamyris, Daughter of Micon
    • LVII. Artemisia, Queen of Caria
    • LVIII. Virginia, Virgin and Daughter of Virginius
    • LIX. Irene, Daughter of Cratinus
    • LX. Leontium
    • LXI. Olympias, Queen of Macedonia
    • LXII. Claudia, a Vestal Virgin
    • LXIII. Virginia, Wife of Lucius Volumnius
    • LXIV. Flora the Prostitute, Goddess of Flowers and Wife of Zephyrus
    • LXV. A Young Roman Woman
    • LXVI. Marcia, Daughter of Varro
    • LXVII. Sulpicia, Wife of Fulvius Flaccus
    • LXVIII. Harmonia, Daughter of Gelon of Sicily
    • LXIX. Busa of Canosa di Puglia
    • LXX. Sophonisba, Queen of Numidia
    • LXXI. Theoxena, Daughter of Prince Herodicus
    • LXXII. Berenice, Queen of Cappadocia
    • LXXIII. The Wife of Orgiagon the Galatian
    • LXXIV. Tertia Aemilia, Wife of the Elder Africanus
    • LXXV. Dripetrua, Queen of Laodice
    • LXXVI. Sempronia, Daughter of Gracchus
    • LXXVII. Claudia Quinta, a Roman Woman
    • LXXVIII. Hypsicratea, Queen of Pontus
    • LXXIX. Sempronia, a Roman Woman
    • LXXX. The Wives of the Cimbrians
    • LXXXI. Julia, Daughter of the Dictator Julius Caesar
    • LXXXII. Portia, Daughter of Cato Uticensis
    • LXXXIII. Curia, Wife of Quintus Lucretius
    • LXXXIV. Hortensia, Daughter of Quintus Hortensius
    • LXXXV. Sulpicia, Wife of Cruscellio
    • LXXXVI. Cornificia, a Poetess
    • LXXXVII. Mariamme, Queen of Judaea
    • LXXXVIII. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
    • LXXXIX. Antonia, Daughter of Antony
    • XC. Agrippina, Wife of Germanicus
    • XCI. Paulina, a Roman Woman
    • XCII. Agrippina, Mother of the Emperor Nero
    • XCIII. Epicharis, a Freedwoman
    • XCIV. Pompeia Paulina, Wife of Seneca
    • XCV. Sabina Poppaea, Wife of Nero
    • XCVI. Triaria, Wife of Lucius Vitellius
    • XCVII. Proba, Wife of Adelphus
    • XCVIII. Faustina Augusta
    • XCIX. Symiamira, Woman of Emesa
    • C. Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra
    • CI. Joan, an Englishwoman and Pope
    • CII. Irene, Empress of Constantinople
    • CIII. Gualdrada, a Florentine Maiden
    • CIV. Constance, Empress of Rome and Queen of Sicily
    • CV. Camiola, a Sienese Widow
    • CVI. Joanna, Queen of Jerusalem and Sicily
    • Conclusion
  • Note on the Text
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index