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Lectures on the History of Political Philosophy

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ISBN 9780674030633

Publication: September 2008


496 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

3 line illustrations, 7 tables

Belknap Press


  • Editor’s Foreword
  • Introductory Remarks
  • Texts Cited
  • Introduction: Remarks on Political Philosophy
    • Lectures on Hobbes
      • I: Hobbes’s Secular Moralism and the Role of His Social Contract
      • II: Human Nature and the State of Nature
      • III: Hobbes’s Account of Practical Reasoning
      • IV: The Role and Powers of the Sovereign
      • Appendix: Hobbes Index
    • Lectures on Locke
      • I: His Doctrine of Natural Law
      • II: His Account of a Legitimate Regime
      • III: Property and the Class State
    • Lectures on Hume
      • I: “Of the Original Contract”
      • II: Utility, Justice, and the Judicious Spectator
    • Lectures on Rousseau
      • I: The Social Contract: Its Problem
      • II: The Social Contract: Assumptions and the General Will (I)
      • III: The General Will (II) and the Question of Stability
    • Lectures on Mill
      • I: His Conception of Utility
      • II: His Account of Justice
      • III: The Principle of Liberty
      • IV: His Doctrine as a Whole
      • Appendix: Remarks on Mill’s Social Theory
    • Lectures on Marx
      • I: His View of Capitalism as a Social System
      • II: His Conception of Right and Justice
      • III: His Ideal: A Society of Freely Associated Producers
  • Appendixes
    • Four Lectures on Henry Sidgwick
      • I: Sidgwick’s Methods of Ethics
      • II: Sidgwick on Justice and on the Classical Principle of Utility
      • III: Sidgwick’s Utilitarianism
      • IV: Summary of Utilitarianism
    • Five Lectures on Joseph Butler
      • I: The Moral Constitution of Human Nature
      • II: The Nature and Authority of Conscience
      • III: The Economy of the Passions
      • IV: Butler’s Argument against Egoism
      • V: Supposed Conflict between Conscience and Self-Love
      • Appendix: Additional Notes on Butler
    • Course Outline
  • Index

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Awards & Accolades

  • John Rawls Is a 1999 National Humanities Medal Winner
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