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Rescuing Justice and Equality

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ISBN 9780674030763

Publication: December 2008


448 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Rescuing Justice and Equality is an exceptionally rich and challenging work. Cohen develops his ideas with a remarkable degree of ingenuity, subtlety, and textual attentiveness. Furthermore, they are presented with extraordinary clarity… [An] impressive book.—Michael Rosen, The Times Literary Supplement

With his characteristic brilliance and philosophical depth, G.A. Cohen aims to defend a more pure equality and justice by retrieving them from Rawlsian liberalism. The result is a bracing challenge to contemporary complacency about inequality.—Joshua Cohen, Stanford University

This book is easily the deepest and most sophisticated critical work on Rawls’s theory of justice. It brings together several distinct lines of argument that Cohen has been developing over the past two decades. In so doing, it manages to provide both a detailed and intricate critique of Rawls’s approach to economic distribution and, at the same time, to articulate and defend a different way of thinking about the fundamental questions of economic distribution.—Arthur Ripstein, University of Toronto

This masterful work is written with a remarkable combination of passion, verve, and analytical rigor. It presents a formidable challenge to Rawlsian liberalism and is a major contribution to the development of egalitarian political thought.—Samuel Scheffler, New York University

Many liberals favor a relatively permissive attitude to economic inequality, and do so partly because they assume the egalitarian values governing our political decisions are inapplicable to our more everyday decisions. Focusing on the work of John Rawls, Rescuing Justice and Equality subjects such liberal convictions to a critique of unrivaled depth and brilliance, which will enhance our understanding of one the greatest political philosophers, and stimulate debate for years to come.—Andrew Williams, University of Warwick

Awards & Accolades

  • Shortlist, 2010 C.B. MacPherson Prize, Canadian Political Science Association
  • 2008 North American Society for Social Philosophy Book Award
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