Cover: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 24/25: 2004 and 2005 in HARDCOVER

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 24/25: 2004 and 2005

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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium


Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 24 includes “The Celticity of Galicia and the Arrival of the Insular Celts,” by Manuel Alberro; “Reading Aislinge Óenguso as a Christian-Platonist Parable,” by Brenda Gray; “Celtic Legends in Irish Opera, 1900–1930,” by Axel Klein; “‘I wonder what the king is doing tonight’—Looking for Arthur in All the Wrong Places,” by Laurance J. Maney; “What Future for the Irish Gaeltacht Communities in the Twenty-First Century?” by Nollaig Ó Gadhra; “Acallam Na Senórach as Prosimetrum,” by Geraldine Parsons; “Traditional and Courtly Themes in a Medieval Welsh Elegy to a ‘Góann Wargann Wery’ (‘A Fair Virgin, Meek and Mild’),” by Laura Radiker; and “Welsh Prophetic Poetry in the Age of the Princes,” by Elizabeth Schoales.

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 25 includes “Keltoi, Galatai, Galli: Were They All One People?” by Timothy P. Bridgman; “On Verbal Nouns in Celtic Languages,” by Chao Li; “Cross-Linguistic Discourse Markers in Manx Gaelic and English,” by Marie Clague; “The Acallam na Senórach: A Medieval Instruction Manual,” by Annie Donahue; “Gendered Postcolonial Discourse in the Mabinogi,” by Morgan Kay; “Language Death and Resurrection in the Isle of Man: The Continuity of Manx Gaelic Exemplified by the Use of Inflected Verb Tenses,” by Jennifer Kewley Draskau; “High Kings and Pipe Dreams: Revisiting John Vincent Kelleher’s Theory of Revision to the Early Irish Annals,” by Laurance J. Maney; and “The Rise of Christian Nomenclature in Medieval Scotland,” by David Morris.