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Bending Science

How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research

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ISBN 9780674047143

Publication: March 2012


400 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 line illustrations


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Why Bend Science?: The Players, the Setting, and the Consequences
  • 3. Where Are the Scientists?: Distorting Science without Oversight or Penalty
  • 4. Shaping Science: The Art of Creating Research to Fit One’s Needs
  • 5. Hiding Science: The Art of Concealing Unwelcome Information
  • 6. Attacking Science: The Art of Turning Reliable Research into “Junk”
  • 7. Harassing Scientists: The Art of Bullying Scientists Who Produce Damaging Research
  • 8. Packaging Science: The Art of Assembling an Expert Group to Advance a Favored Outcome
  • 9. Spinning Science: The Art of Manipulating Public Perceptions about Credible Science
  • 10. Restoring Science: Forcing Bent Science Out into the Open
  • 11. Reforming Science Oversight: Instituting More Vigorous Oversight Processes to Ensure the Integrity of Science in Policy-Making
  • 12. Final Thoughts: A Broader Perspective on the Problem and the Prospects for Change
  • Notes
  • Index