Cover: Evolution, Games, and God: The Principle of Cooperation, from Harvard University PressCover: Evolution, Games, and God in HARDCOVER

Evolution, Games, and God

The Principle of Cooperation

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Publication: May 2013


416 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

14 halftones, 1 line illustration, 2 tables


  • Preface
  • Introduction: Why Cooperation Makes a Difference [Sarah Coakley and Martin A. Nowak]
  • I. Evolutionary Cooperation in Historical Perspective
    • 1. “Ready to Aid One Another”: Darwin on Nature, God, and Cooperation [John Hedley Brooke]
    • 2. Altruism: Morals from History [Thomas Dixon]
    • 3. Evolution and “Cooperation” in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century America: Science, Theology, and the Social Gospel [Heather D. Curtis]
  • II. Mathematics, Game Theory, and Evolutionary Biology: The Evolutionary Phenomenon of Cooperation
    • 4. Five Rules for the Evolution of Cooperation [Martin A. Nowak]
    • 5. Mathematical Models of Cooperation [Christoph Hauert]
    • 6. Economics and Evolution: Complementary Perspectives on Cooperation [Johan Almenberg and Anna Dreber]
  • III. Psychology, Neuroscience, and Intentionality in the Cultural Evolution of Cooperation
    • 7. Social Prosthetic Systems and Human Motivation: One Reason Why Cooperation Is Fundamentally Human [Stephen M. Kosslyn]
    • 8. The Uniqueness of Human Cooperation: Cognition, Cooperation, and Religion [Dominic D. P. Johnson]
    • 9. Self-Denial and Its Discontents: Toward Clarification of the Intrapersonal Conflict between “Selfishness” and “Altruism” [Maurice Lee]
  • IV. Philosophy of Biology and Philosophy of Mind: Adjudicating the Significance of Evolutionary Cooperation
    • 10. Unpredicted Outcomes in the Games of Life [Jeffrey P. Schloss]
    • 11. What Can Game Theory Tell Us about Humans? [Justin C. Fisher]
    • 12. How Not to Fight about Cooperation [Ned Hall]
  • V. Cooperation, Ethics, and Metaethics
    • 13. The Moral Organ: A Prophylaxis against the Whims of Culture [Marc D. Hauser]
    • 14. A New Case for Kantianism: Evolution, Cooperation, and Deontological Claims in Human Society [Friedrich Lohmann]
    • 15. Nature, Normative Grammars, and Moral Judgments [Jean Porter]
    • 16. The Christian Love Ethic and Evolutionary “Cooperation”: The Lessons and Limits of Eudaimonism and Game Theory [Timothy P. Jackson]
  • VI. Cooperation, Metaphysics, and God
    • 17. Altruism, Normalcy, and God [Alexander Pruss]
    • 18. Evolution, Altruism, and God: Why the Levels of Emergent Complexity Matter [Philip Clayton]
    • 19. The Problem of Evil and Cooperation [Michael Rota]
    • 20. Evolution, Cooperation, and Divine Providence [Sarah Coakley]
  • List of Contributors
  • Index