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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 36

The Confucian Transformation of Korea

A Study of Society and Ideology

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ISBN 9780674160897

Publication: June 1995


456 pages

11 line illustrations, 1 table

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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction: Society and Ideology
    • The Contours of Korean Society in Late Chosŏn
    • The Transmission of Confucianism to Korea
    • The Early Formation of Korean Neo-Confucianism
    • Neo-Confucianism as an Ideology of Change
  • The Pre-Confucian Past: A Reconstruction of Koryŏ Society
    • Kinship and Descent
    • Succession and Inheritance
    • Marriage in Koryŏ: Sociopolitical Aspects
    • Marriage in Koryŏ: Institutional Aspects
    • Mourning and Funerary Rites
    • Conclusions: Koryŏ Society Reconsidered
  • Neo-Confucianism: The Ideological Foundation of Social Legislation in Early Chosŏn
    • The Rise of New Dynastic Forces
    • The Intellectual Formation of the New Elite
    • The Disintegration of Koryŏ Society and the Buddhist Question
    • In Search of a New Societal Model
    • The Reorganization of Society
    • The Neo-Confucians’ Research Sources and Institutions
    • The Relevance of Ancient Models Assimilation and Conflict
    • Elitism and Ideology
  • Agnation and Ancestor Worship
    • The Neo-Confucian View of Society
    • The Introduction of Ancestor Worship
    • The First Contours of a Lineal Concept
    • Lineal Succession and Ancestor Worship
    • Ancestor Worship and Secondary Sons
    • Ancestor Worship and Women
    • Non-Agnatic Succession
    • Genealogies as Descent Group Charts
    • Ancestral Rites: Economic Aspects
    • Ancestral Rites: Institutional Aspects
    • Ritual Literature
    • Ancestral Kites: Religious Aspects
    • Toward Implementing Ritual Primogeniture
  • Mourning and Funerary Rites
    • Prelude to Revised Mourning
    • The Transformation of the Mourning Grades
    • Ritual Aspects
    • Funerary Rituals and Geomancy
  • Inheritance
    • The State and Private Property
    • The Agnatic Principle and Inheritance
    • Wills and Regulations Affecting Inheritance
    • Inheritance and Women
    • From Ritual to Economic Primogeniture
  • Confucian Legislation: The Consequences for Women
    • The Institutionalizing of Primary and Secondary Wives
    • Marriage Rules and Strategies
    • The Confucian-Style Wedding Ceremony
    • The Royal Wedding Ceremony
    • The Korean Wedding Ceremony
    • Training and Indoctrination of Women
    • Life in the Husband’s Household
    • The Married Woman’s Legal and Ritual Functions
    • Secondary Wives and Their Sons
    • The Dissolution of the Conjugal Bond
    • Widowhood and Remarriage
    • The Confucians’ Immutable Image of Women
  • Conclusions: The Emergence of a Lineage Society
  • Notes
  • Select Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index