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The Dustbin of History

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ISBN 9780674218581

Publication Date: 04/25/1997


240 pages

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  • Sketch
  • Maps
    • The Dustbin of History in a World Made Fresh
    • History Lesson
    • The Mask of Dimitrios
    • Myth and Misquotation
  • Territories
    • A Single Revelation: On Peter Handke’s Short Letter, Long Farewell
    • Götterdämmerung after Twenty-One Years: On Nazi-Hunting Thrillers
    • You Could Catch It: On Guy Debord’s Panegyric
    • Dylan as Historian: On “Blind Willie McTell”
    • Happy Endings: On E. L. Doctrow’s Ragtime and Robert Altman’s Nashville
    • Cowboys and Germans: On Wim Wenders’s Emotion Pictures
    • Cowboy Boots and Germans: On A Susan Sontag Reader
    • The Bob McFadden Experience: On The Beat Generation CD Box Set
    • The Expanding Vacant Spot: On Dale Maharidge and Michael Williamson’s And Their Children after Them
    • Jan and Dean as Purloined Letter: On Dead Man’s Curve: The Story of Jan and Dean
    • Dead Man’s Curve: On American Hot Wax
    • When You Walk in the Room: On Robert Johnson
    • Cretins, Fools, Morons, and Lunatics: On Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum
    • Old-Time Religion: On Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae
    • A Change in the Weather: On The Book of J
    • Lost and Found: On the Exhibition Ice Age Art
    • Escape from New York: On Herschel Chipp’s Picasso’s “Guernica”
    • A Dream of the Cold War: On The Manchurian Candidate
    • John Wayne Listening
    • Germany in a Second Language: On Peter Schneider’s The Wall Jumper
  • Settlements
    • The Deborah Chessler Story
    • Think We Might Get Some Rain?
  • Sources
  • Acknowledgments
  • Credits
  • Index