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The Everlasting Check

Hume on Miracles

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ISBN 9780674289246

Publication: January 2016


112 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


This lovely book—wise, humane, brief, and beautifully written—offers both a sympathetic reconstruction of Hume’s argument concerning miracles and a series of illuminating reflections on the argument’s nature and significance. The book is an ideal point of entry into the argument for students and general readers, but scholars too will find that it gives them plenty to learn from—as well as plenty to contend with.—Kenneth P. Winkler, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

This is an excellent discussion of Hume’s thoughts regarding miracles.—J. H. Spence, Choice

Alexander George’s interpretation of Hume’s essay is distinguished by lucidity, logical rigor, and attention to textual detail. But George is not content simply to clarify Hume’s argument; he also draws on Wittgenstein and Samuel Johnson to suggest that religious belief need not be connected to evidence in the way that Hume assumed. These reflections will not satisfy those who wish to use Hume to bash religion, nor those who wish to show that Hume is utterly mistaken, but they will appeal to anyone who wishes to think more deeply about evidence, faith, and reason.—Ed Witherspoon, Colgate University