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A Fool’s Errand

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$37.00 • £29.95 • €33.50

ISBN 9780674307513

Publication Date: 01/01/1961


436 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


Belknap Press

The John Harvard Library


  • Introduction: “Albion Tourgée, Social Critic,” by John Hope Franklin
  • Letter to the Publishers
  • I. The Genesis of Folly
  • II. Le Premier Acces
  • III. Sorrow Cometh with Knowledge
  • IV. From Bad to Worse
  • V. The Oracle Is Consulted
  • VI. All Lost but Honor
  • VII. An Old “Unioner”
  • VIII. “Their Exits and Their Entrances”
  • IX. The New Kingdom
  • X. Poor Tray
  • XI. A Cat in a Strange Garret
  • XII. Compelled to Volunteer
  • XIII. A Two-Handed Game
  • XIV. Murder Most Foul
  • XV. “Who Is My Neighbor?”
  • XVI. The Edge of Hospitality Dulled
  • XVII. The Second Mile Post
  • XVIII. Congratulation and Condolence
  • XIX. Citizens in Embryo
  • XX. Out of Due Season
  • XXI. How the Wise Men Builded
  • XXII. Cock-Crow
  • XXIII. The Diets Cast
  • XXIV. “Wisdom Crieth in the Streets”
  • XXV. A Grumbler’s Forecast
  • XXVI. Balakandbalaam
  • XXVII. An New Institution
  • XXVIII. A Bundle of Dry Sticks
  • XXIX. Footing up the Ledger
  • XXX. A Thrice-Told Tale
  • XXXI. The Folly of Wisdom
  • XXXII. “Out of the Abundance of the Heart”
  • XXXIII. “Love Me, Love My Dog”
  • XXXIV. The Harvest of Wisdom
  • XXXV. An Awakening
  • XXXVI. A Race against Time
  • XXXVII. The “Reb” View of It
  • XXXVIII. “And All the World was in a Sea”
  • XXXIX. “Light Shineth in Darkness”
  • XL. Pro Bono Publico
  • XLI. “Peace in Warsaw”
  • XLII. A Friendly Mediation
  • XLIII. Unconditional Surrender
  • XLIV. Pride Overmatching Pride
  • XLV. Wisdom and Folly Meet Together
  • XLVI. Home at Last
  • XLVII. Monumentum

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