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The Global Burden of Disease and Injury 2

Global Health Statistics

A Compendium of Incidence, Prevalence and Mortality Estimates for Over 200 Conditions

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Publication: July 1996


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The Global Burden of Disease and Injury


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The Global Burden of Disease and Injury Series details and analyzes global patterns of death and disability, providing a bold, comprehensive examination of the state of the world’s health.

The encyclopedic Global Health Statistics provides, for the first time, epidemiological estimates for all major diseases and injuries. As part of the Global Burden of Disease project, over 100 disease experts analyzed these data, collected from exhaustive searches of registration data and published and unpublished studies.

Formatted for English, French, and Spanish readers, the figures are displayed in a comprehensive set of tables, presenting for over 200 causes estimates of mortality, incidence, prevalence, durations, and average ages of onset in 1990—all disaggregated by age, sex, and region. Demographic tables and projections of deaths and death rates are also provided.

This succinct data-set provides for the general reader the set of tools necessary to understand disease and injury from a global perspective; and it provides to the researcher unprecedented data to serve as a starting point for further study. This book should stand as an unparalleled desktop reference for anyone interested in the health of populations.