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Harvard Economic Studies 155

Growth, Distribution, and Prices

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ISBN 9780674364165

Publication: January 1987


584 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

114 line illustrations, 30 tables

Harvard Economic Studies


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This important book aims to raise the analytical and theoretical level of the ongoing debate between adherents of the neoclassical general equilibrium model and the various schools of thought that stem from Ricardian, Marxian and Keynesian roots. Its systematic approach, elegant exposition, uncompromising completeness, and technical mastery lead one to hope that it may make some headway… It is an ideal text for graduate students of economic theory. In addition to introducing the most important deep questions of modern theory, it is a treasure trove of mathematical modeling techniques. Marglin explains his procedures with great care and clarity, and his orchestration of the basic mathematics of economic models reaches great heights of virtuosity and even beauty.Journal of Economic Literature

Clear, bright and engaged, [Marglin] writes well with breadth and vision and with a complete absence of the cant and dogmatism which has sometimes marred ‘anti-neoclassical’ economics.—Christopher Bliss, The Economic Journal