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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 108

Edited by Richard F. Thomas

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ISBN 9780674417540

Publication: May 2016


600 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

2 halftones, 2 line illustrations

Harvard University Department of the Classics > Harvard Studies in Classical Philology


This volume includes James Adams, “The Latin of the Magerius Mosaic”; Graeme Bourke, “Classical Sophism and Philosophy in Pseudo-Plutarch On the Training of Children”; Eleanor Cowan, “Caesar’s One Fatal Wound: Suetonius Div. Iul. 82.3”; Christopher Eckerman, “Catullus’ Bacchylides and His Muses in Carmen 61”; Lowell Edmunds, “Pliny the Younger on His Verse and Martial’s Non-Recognition of Pliny as a Poet”; Lucia Floridi, “The Construction of a Homoerotic Discourse in the Epigrams of Ausonius”; Benjamin Garstad, “Rome in the Alexander Romance”; Alexi Grishin, “A Nominal Acronym in Eclogue 9”; Mark Heerink, “Hylas, Hercules, and Valerius Flaccus’ Reaction to the Aeneid”; Miguel Herrero, “‘Trust the God’: Tharsein in Ancient Greek Religion”; Jefferds Huyck, “Another Sort of Misogyny: Aeneid 9.140–141”; Christopher Jones, “The Greek Letters Ascribed to Brutus”; Alexandros Kampakoglou, “Staging the Divine: Epiphany and Apotheosis in Callimachus HE 1121–1124”; Tom Keeline and Stuart McManus, “Benjamin Larnell, Indian Latinist”; Yosef Liebersohn, “Crito’s Character in Plato’s Crito”; Jordi Pàmias, “Acusilaus of Argos and the Bronze Tablets”; Karen Rosenbecker, “Just Desserts: Reversals of Fortune, Feces, Flatus, and Food in Aristophanes’ Wealth”; Massimilliano Vitiello, “Emperor Theodosius’ Liberty and the Roman Past”; and Jarrett Welsh, “Verse Quotations from Festus.”