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The Political Economy of Industrial Democracies

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Publication Date: 01/01/1987

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Economic policies are the sources of deep political cleavages and social conflicts in all industrial economies, and economic fluctuations often affect critically the political fortunes of governing parties and politicians. Consequently, economic policies and outcomes are shaped importantly by the larger political environment facing policy authorities in advanced industrial societies.

In this protean book, Douglas Hibbs examines the interdependence of electoral politics, macroeconomics, and industrial conflict in the United States and the developed European democracies. He covers such topics as the political economy of long-run trends and short-run fluctuations in strike activity, the political and economic aspects of postwar expansions, contractions, and inflations, and the causes and consequences of shifts in voters’ sensitivity to unemployment and inflation. The impact of variations in real and nominal economic performance on the economic interests and political behavior of social classes and other electoral groups is extensively analyzed.