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Science and the Soviet Social Order

Edited by Loren Graham

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ISBN 9780674592568

Publication Date: 10/01/1990

443 pages



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  • Preface
  • Introduction: The Impact of Science and Technology on Soviet Politics and Society [Loren R. Graham]
  • Part One: Communications and Computers
    • 1. New Communications Technologies and Civil Society [S. Frederick Starr]
    • 2. Information Technologies and the Citizen: Toward a “Soviet-Style Information Society”? [Seymour Goodman]
  • Part Two: Biology
    • 3. Prometheus Rechained: Ecology and Conservation [Douglas R. Weiner]
    • 4. The Soviet Nature–Nurture Debate [Mark B. Adams]
  • Part Three: Engineering and Big Technology
    • 5. Engineers: The Rise and Decline of a Social Myth [Harley Balzer]
    • 6. Rockets, Reactors, and Soviet Culture [Paul R. Josephson]
  • Part Four: Philosophy of Science and Technology
    • 7. Biomedical Ethics [Richard T. De George]
    • 8. Fact, Value, and Science [Bruce J. Allyn]
  • Part Five: Literature and Art
    • 9. The Changing Image of Science and Technology in Soviet Literature [Katerina Clark]
    • 10. World Outlook and Inner Fears in Soviet Science Fiction [Richard Stites]
    • 11. Bridging the Two Cultures: The Emergence of Scientific Prose [Mark Kuchment]
    • 12. The Response to Science and Technology in the Visual Arts [Peter Nisbet]
  • Notes
  • Contributors
  • Index