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The New England Mind

From Colony to Province

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Publication: April 1983

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513 pages

Belknap Press


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  • Prologue: Richard Mather’s Farewell
  • Book I. Declension
    • I. The Wrath of Jehovah
    • II. The Jeremiad
    • III. The Protestant Ethic
    • IV. The Expanding Limits of Natural Ability
    • V. Hypocrisy
    • VI. Children of the Covenant
    • VII. Half-Way Measures
    • VIII. Revivalism
    • IX. Intolerance
    • X. Propaganda
  • Book II. Confusion
    • XI. Profile of a Provincial Mentality
    • XII. Salvaging The Covenant
    • XIII. The Judgment of the Witches
    • XIV. The Dilemma of the Sacraments
    • XV. Contention
    • XVI. The Failure of Centralization
    • XVII. The Unresolved Debate
    • XVIII. The Poison of Wise’s Cursed Libel
  • Book III. The Splintering of Society
    • XIX. A Medium of Trade
    • XX. Antiministerial Sentiment
    • XXI. The Judgment of the Smallpox
    • XXII. A Secular State
    • XXIII. A Tender Plant
  • Book IV. The Socialization of Piety
    • XXIV. Do-Good
    • XXV. Reason
    • XXVI. The Experimental Philosophy
    • XXVII. The Death of an Idea
    • XXVIII. Polity as a Form of Patriotism
  • Epilogue: Vale Atque Ave
  • Bibliographical Notes
  • Index