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The Rise of Rome

From the Iron Age to the Punic Wars

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Publication: February 2018


432 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

32 color illustrations, 31 line illustrations, 8 maps

Belknap Press

History of the Ancient World

North America only

  • Preface and Acknowledgements
  • List of Figures and Plates
  • Abbreviations
  • Part I: Early Italy and the Foundation of Rome
    • 1. Introducing Early Rome
    • 2. Setting the Scene: Iron-Age Italy
    • 3. Trojans, Latins, Sabines and Rogues: Romulus, Aeneas and the “Foundation” of Rome
    • 4. The Rise of the International Aristocracy: Italy and the Orientalising Revolution
    • 5. Orientalising Rome and the Early Kings
  • Part II: War, Politics and Society: Rome and Italy, 600–400
    • 6. The Urban Revolution: City and State in Sixth-Century Italy
    • 7. Tyrants and Wicked Women: Rome, the Tarquin Dynasty and the Fall of the Monarchy
    • 8. The “Fifth-Century Crisis” and the Changing Face of Italy
    • 9. A Difficult Transition: The Early Roman Republic
    • 10. Rome on the March: War in Latium and Beyond, 500–350
  • Part III: The Roman Conquest of Italy
    • 11. The Road to Power: Italy and Rome, 390–342
    • 12. “Whether Samnite or Roman Shall Rule Italy”: The Samnite Wars and the Conquest of Italy
    • 13. Co-operation or Conquest? Alliances, Citizenship and Colonisation
  • Part IV: From City-State to Italian Dominance
    • 14. The Impact of Conquest: Rome, 340–264
    • 15. Epilogue: Rome, Italy and the Beginnings of Empire in 264
  • Appendix: Roman Dates and Chronology
  • Timeline
  • A Note on Sources
  • Notes
  • Further Reading
  • Guide to Sites, Museums and Online Resources
  • Bibliography
  • Index