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Grounds for Difference

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ISBN 9780674743960

Publication: March 2015


240 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


Grounds for Difference is a subtle, original, and comprehensive book. All the hallmarks of Brubaker’s earlier work, such as the conceptual clarity, the theoretical rigor—grounded in a well-researched and well-informed analysis—the crisp writing style, and the impeccable sociological reasoning are displayed here. There is a wealth of original ideas developed in this book that requires much careful reading and unpacking.—Sinisa Malešević, H-Net Reviews

Brubaker has once more put us in his debt, with these illuminating, tersely set out but always clearly expressed essays. This is a relatively short book, but in it Brubaker packs an enormous amount of material for reflection.—Krishnan Kumar, Social Forces

A beautifully written, well-argued, and thought-provoking engagement with a series of contemporary issues to do with difference and identity, specifically inequality, biology, culture, and politics.—Richard P. Jenkins, University of Sheffield

This is an imposing collection that will be another milestone in the literature of ethnicity and nationalism.—Christian Joppke, University of Bern