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Resources, Values, and Development

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Publication: September 1997


560 pages

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Part I: Institutions and Motivation

Peasants and Dualism with or without Surplus Labour

Labour Allocation in a Cooperative Enterprise

The Profit Motive

Part II: Isolation and Social Investment

On Optimizing the Rate of Saving

Isolation, Assurance and the Social Rate of Discount

Terminal Capital and Optimum Savings

On Some Debates in Capital Theory

Approaches to to the Choice of Discount Rates for Social Benefit-Cost Analysis

Part III: Shadow Pricing and Employment

Optimum Savings, Technical Choice and the Shadow Price of Labour

Control Areas and Accounting Prices: An Approach to Economic Evaluation

Employment, Institutions and Technology: Some Policy Issues

Part IV: Morals and Mores

Ethical Issues in Income Distribution: National and International

Rights and Capabilities

Poor, Relatively Speaking

Family and Food: Sex Bias in Poverty

Economics and the Family

Part V: Goods and Well-being

The Welfare Basis of Real Income Comparisons

Ingredients of Famine Analysis: Availability and


Development: Which Way Now?

Goods and People

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  • Amartya Sen Is a 2011 National Humanities Medal Winner
  • Amartya Sen Is Winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics
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