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The Shape of Content

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ISBN 9780674805705

Publication: January 1992


144 pages

35 line illustrations, 1 halftone

The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures


Mr. Shahn sets forth his views on both the practice and the purposes of art with a clarity, cogency, and incisiveness that any professional writer might envy, and he manages to interweave with this a good deal of interesting material about his own development as an artist, as well as a running summary of his opinions on contemporary painting in general… The book is highly controversial…also highly stimulating.The New Yorker

The book is the clearest, most forceful statement on art by an artist of our time that I have read.—Frank Getletin, The New Republic

A remarkably interesting book, which puts the reader in rewarding contact with a questing mind and a humane spirit.The Atlantic

To find a lucid painter speaking lucidly of art is a thrilling discovery… [He traces] the formation of painting from idea to completion, both generally and specifically with a clarity of thought and a precise use of language which should be a very archetypal model for all critics and painters alike.Virginia Quarterly Review

In this brilliant book, which brings the many talents of Ben Shahn…into one crisp, clear, unified, astounding career, the primary focus is the exploration and explanation of the relationship between Shahn’s paintings and photographs… The first half of the book consists of four exquisitely written essays by Kao, Katzman, and Webster, beautifuly illustrated with superb reproductions of Shahn’s photographs and related materials, including detailed notes. The second half is an exhibition catalog with a wealth of quality reproductions of his paintings and photographs.—J. Natal, Choice