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Special Sorrows

The Diasporic Imagination of Irish, Polish, and Jewish Immigrants in the United States

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ISBN 9780674831858

Publication: February 1995


6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • Note on Usage
  • Introduction: The Diasporic Imagination
  • I. The Culture of the Diaspora
    • 1. Exiles, Pilgrims, Wanderers: Migration in the Context of National Struggle
    • 2. Plaintive Song, Heroic Story: Nationalism and Immigrant Popular Culture
    • 3. Pillars of Fire: The Comparative Literatures of Immigrant Nationalism
  • II. Nationalist Sensibility and American Expansionism
    • 4. Cuba Libre! Immigrant Versions of Spanish Tyranny, Cuban Rights, and American Power
    • 5. Windows on Imperialism: Nationalism, Race, and the Conquest of the Philippines
  • Conclusion: The Diasporic Imagination in the Twentieth Century
  • Glossary of Names
  • Notes
  • Index