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Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies 7

Torn between Two Lands

Armenians in America, 1890 to World War I

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ISBN 9780674895416

Publication Date: 01/01/1988


378 pages

34 Halftones, 10 Tables

Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies


Torn between Two Lands is the story of an ethnic group torn between its desire to create a homeland in historic Armenia and its adopted homeland, America. The result is a history of tension involving ethnic pride and identity, assimilation, and resistance to the melting pot. I recommend it highly to Armenian and non-Armenian readers alike.—Vartan Gregorian, President, New York Public Library

Robert Mirak’s pioneering book describes the role in American life of a significant ethnic group; and his perceptive analysis will interest all those concerned with the complex patterns of American culture.—Oscar Handlin, Harvard University