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When Time Shall Be No More

Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture

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ISBN 9780674951297

Publication Date: 01/01/1994

Academic Trade

488 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

36 halftones in two 8-page inserts

Belknap Press

Studies in Cultural History


A splendid, rigorously documented treatise, as up to date as the morning newspaper… No book provides more comprehensive information about the awesome degree to which Biblical literalism and prophetic fervor have invaded the hearts and minds of Americans, rich and poor, educated and ignorant… [Those] who read the book can laugh and weep.—Martin Gardner, The Washington Post Book World

Paul Boyer traces the roots and branches of the rich, strange complex of biblical exegesis and twisted journalism that he calls ‘prophecy belief.’ When Time Shall Be No More exhaustively describes a strange species of rabid predictions of the wrath to come.—Anthony Grafton, The New Republic

Splendid… [A] compelling cultural history.—L.S. Klepp, The Village Voice Literary Supplement

This is one of the most important and impressive books I have ever read in American cultural history. It is richly researched, ably argued, exhaustive in its coverage of the subject of apocalyptic belief in the United States, yet a constant revelation. Indeed, it amounts to the discovery of what many of us in this field have halfway understood but never quite realized, that the dominion of prophecy and ‘end-time’ religion is vast and of utmost importance in understanding the whole of American culture. It will scarcely be possible now not to see the importance of this fringe culture that affects millions of Americans and which, from time to time, finds itself near the very center.—James Gilbert, University of Maryland

This is not a facile study, attempting to draw large and arresting conclusions from a mere sample of the evidence. Boyer committed himself to an intense study of popular prophetic belief and the result is a learned, persuasive, and nuanced study of a very important subject. The book is inherently interesting and superbly written.—Nathan O. Hatch, University of Notre Dame

It is a work of high quality in every respect and is as good as anything I know of on the subject. In addition to writing well, the author is judicious and insightful in his judgments and maintains a tone of seeking understanding rather than, as do most writers on such topics, taking cheap shots at easy targets. Also and importantly, I found the book engaging and was eager to keep reading.—George Marsden, University of Notre Dame

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