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Wise Choices, Apt Feelings

A Theory of Normative Judgment

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ISBN 9780674953789

Publication Date: 01/01/1992


364 pages

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This is a wonderful book. It is hard to overpraise it. It is learned, wise, deep, and subtle, and for in my view it is substantially right. It is also a marvelously human and humane book, taking us into the heart of human emotion and feeling and exploring their shape with great sympathy and skill.—Simon Blackburn, Ethics

Every so often, though not often enough, a philosophical book is written that addresses a deep problem with profound insight, subtle argumentation and captivating style. Allan Gibbard’s Wise Chioces, Apt Feelings: A Theory of Normative Judgment is such a book. It is an important book; it is a beautiful book.—Donald Hubin, Philosophical Quarterly

A very distinguished book; rich in insights and written with a terse elegance that makes for wonderful clarity and ease of reading.—John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh