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Probing the Ethics of Holocaust Culture

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ISBN 9780674970519

Publication: October 2016


528 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

24 halftones


    • Introduction: The Field of Holocaust Studies and the Emergence of Global Holocaust Culture [Wulf Kansteiner and Todd Presner]
  • I. The Stakes of Narrative
    • 1. Historical Truth, Estrangement, and Disbelief [Hayden White]
    • 2. On “Historical Modernism”: A Response to Hayden White [Saul Friedländer]
    • 3. Sense and Sensibility: The Complicated Holocaust Realism of Christopher Browning [Wulf Kansteiner]
    • 4. A Reply to Wulf Kansteiner [Christopher R. Browning]
    • 5. Scales of Postmemory: Six of Six Million [Ann Rigney]
    • 6. Interview with Daniel Mendelsohn, Author of The Lost: A Search for Six of Six Million [Interviewed by Wulf Kansteiner]
    • 7. The Death of the Witness; or, The Persistence of the Differend [Marc Nichanian]
  • II. Remediations of the Archive
    • 8. The Ethics of the Algorithm: Close and Distant Listening to the Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive [Todd Presner]
    • 9. On the Ethics of Technology and Testimony [Stephen D. Smith]
    • 10. A “Spatial Turn” in Holocaust Studies? [Claudio Fogu]
    • 11. Interview with Anne Knowles, Tim Cole, Alberto Giordano, and Paul B. Jaskot, Contributing Authors of Geographies of the Holocaust [Interviewed by Claudio Fogu and Todd Presner]
    • 12. Freeze-Framing: Temporality and the Archive in Forg´cs, Hersonski, and Friedländer [Nitzan Lebovic]
    • 13. Witnessing the Archive [Yael Hersonski]
    • 14. Deconstructivism and the Holocaust: Peter Eisenman’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe [Gavriel D. Rosenfeld]
    • 15. Berlin Memorial Redux [Peter Eisenman]
  • III. The Politics of Exceptionality
    • 16. The Holocaust as Genocide: Experiential Uniqueness and Integrated History [Omer Bartov]
    • 17. Anxieties in Holocaust and Genocide Studies [A. Dirk Moses]
    • 18. The Witness as “World” Traveler: Multidirectional Memory and Holocaust Internationalism before Human Rights [Michael Rothberg]
    • 19. Fiction and Solicitude: Ethics and the Conditions for Survival [Judith Butler]
    • 20. Catastrophes: Afterlives of the Exceptionality Paradigm in Holocaust Studies [Elisabeth Weber]
    • Epilogue: Interview with Saul Friedländer [Interviewed by Claudio Fogu, Wulf Kansteiner, and Todd Presner]
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
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