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America’s Dream Palace

Middle East Expertise and the Rise of the National Security State

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Publication: October 2016

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440 pages

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  • Abbreviations
  • Note on Translation and Transliteration
  • Introduction: The Crossroads of Empire
  • 1. Private Knowledge: American Missionaries, the Inquiry, and the First World War in the Middle East, 1917–1922
  • 2. Wartime Expertise: The Office of Strategic Services, the Army Specialized Training Program, and World War II in the Middle East, 1940–1945
  • 3. A Time of National Emergency: The National Security Establishment, Academic Institutions, and the Origins of Middle East Studies, 1947–1957
  • 4. America’s Sheet Anchors: Creating Cold War Universities in the Middle East, 1922–1962
  • 5. (In)Visible Government: The National Defense Education Act and the Establishment of Middle East Studies, 1950–1967
  • 6. Modernizing the Middle East: Constructing Traditional Society and Expertise, 1950–1973
  • 7. Privatizing Knowledge: Think Tanks, Middle East Expertise, and the Decline of Area Studies, 1973–1988
  • 8. Empire and Its Limitations: Neoconservatism, the Bush Doctrine, and the Global War on Terror, 1989–2009
  • Epilogue: America and the Arab Spring
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index