Cover: Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 109 in HARDCOVER

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 109

Edited by Richard F. Thomas

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ISBN 9780674971653

Publication: June 2018


This volume includes: José Marcos Macedo, “Zeus as (Rider of) Thunderbolt”; Hayden Pelliccia, “The Violation of Wackernagel’s Law at Pindar, Pythian 3.1”; Robert Mayhew, “A Note on [Aristotle] Problemata 26.61”; Sam Hitchings, “The Date of [Demosthenes] XVII On The Treaty With Alexander”; Maria Pavlou “Lieux de Mémoire in the Plataean Speech”; John Walsh, “A Note on Diodorus 18.11.1, Arybbas and the Lamian War”; Loukas Papadimitropoulou “Charicleia’s Identity and the Structure of Heliodorus’ Aethiopica”; John Heath, “Corinna’s ‘Old Wives’ Tales’”; Ian Goh, “A Note on a Euphemism in Lucilius”; Javier Uría, “Iulius Romanus’ Remark on Titinius”; Henry Spelman, “Borrowing Sappho’s Napkins”; Fabio Tutrone, “Wisdom as a Gift, Beauty as a Medium, Glory as a Repayment: Exchange and Reciprocity in Lucretius’ Didactics”; Gianpero Rosati, “Evander’s Curse, and the ‘Long Death’ of Mezentius”; Fiachra Mac Góráin, “The Poetics of Vision in Virgil’s Aeneid”; Boris Kayachev, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”; Ioannis Ziogas “Singing for Octavia: Vergil’s Life, Marcellus’ Death, and the End of Epic”; Florence Klein, “Vergil’s ‘Posidippeanism’”; Benjamin Victor, “Four Passages in Propertius’ Last Book of Elegies”; David Greenwood, “Julian and Asclepius”; and Nikoloz Shamugia, “Bronze Relief with Caeneus and Centaurs from Olympia.”