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Not All Dead White Men

Classics and Misogyny in the Digital Age

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$27.95 • £20.00 • €25.00

ISBN 9780674975552

Publication: October 2018


288 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


A chilling account of trolling, misogyny, racism, and bad history proliferated online by the Alt-Right, bolstered by the apparent authority of Greek and Latin Classics. Zuckerberg makes a persuasive case for why we need a new, more critical, and less comfortable relationship between the ancient and modern worlds in this important and very timely book.—Emily Wilson, translator of The Odyssey

This brilliant new book offers a must-read analysis of classicizing antifeminist diatribes that will enlighten or serve as a timely warning to all liberals, as well as to members of the Alt-Right and Red Pill men’s groups (if only they would read it).—Paul Cartledge, author of Democracy: A Life

A fearless online pioneer in her role as the editor of Eidolon, Zuckerberg is perfectly placed to guide us through the radicalized virtual territory of the Alt-Right. Not only does she force us to face the worst of what classical authors say about male superiority and sexual privilege, weaponized in the roiling echo chambers of reddit, she also compels us to reflect on why we nonetheless teach and take pleasure in Greek and Roman texts.—Joy Connolly, author of The Life of Roman Republicanism

If there was ever a time to dispel myths of racial and gender superiority, it is now. Donna Zuckerberg has written an important book to help us understand how the Western classical canon is weaponized to diminish the humanity of women by anti-feminist online communities. This is a must-read.—Safiya Umoja Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression

A clear-eyed look at the dangers of misogyny and racism underlying the reception of Classics. Zuckerberg strikes an admirable balance between defending the study of ancient Greek and Roman authors—those all too familiar ‘dead white men’—and rejecting the insidious assertions of patriarchy and white supremacy that the Alt-Right claims to derive from antiquity. This remarkable book never loses sight of what the Classics can mean to the next generation.—Gregory Nagy, author of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours