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A Citizen’s Guide

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$7.95 • £6.95 • €7.00

ISBN 9780674983793

Publication: October 2017


208 pages

4-3/8 x 7-1/8 inches


Thoroughly grounded in constitutional history and past practice… Excellent.—Noah Feldman and Jacob Weisberg, The New York Review of Books

Explains the historical origins of the impeachment concept, and offers a checklist as to when the principle might be applied… Now, more than ever, cool heads are needed to safeguard the U.S. Republic: thank goodness for this book—and its handy impeachment checklist.—Gillian Tett, Financial Times

Sunstein has written a concise, enlightening, and argumentative history and guide to getting rid of presidents… It’s more of a why-to and when-to, and a what-were-they-thinking-when-they-decided-to kind of book. Sunstein delves into the writings, speeches, and deliberations of America’s revolutionary generation.—Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post

Offers a highly accessible, brilliantly thoughtful, and politically neutral analysis of what the Constitution means for our present moment and for generations that follow.—Ryan Goodman, Just Security

A compact, concise, and highly relevant civics lesson. There have been a number of books published about impeachment, many of them partisan manifestoes. What makes Sunstein’s book of such great interest is its lack of fanfare and knife‐sharpening. The author is a learned and accessible guide as he maneuvers his way through the history of democracy’s nuclear option… A welcome, timely, ideal primer.Kirkus Reviews

Sunstein is well positioned to provide this balanced and timely overview of the role of impeachment in American democracy… An essential guide to understanding impeachment’s function within the ‘constitutional system as a whole’ and a persuasive argument that the impeachment clause places ‘the fate of the republic’ in the hands of its citizenry.Publishers Weekly

With insight, wisdom, affection, and concern, Sunstein has written the story of impeachment every citizen needs to know. This is a remarkable, essential book.—Doris Kearns Goodwin