Cover: On Agriculture, Volume I: Books 1-4, from Harvard University PressCover: On Agriculture, Volume I in HARDCOVER

Loeb Classical Library 361

On Agriculture, Volume I

Books 1-4

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ISBN 9780674993983

Publication Date: 01/01/1941


496 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches

Loeb Classical Library > On Agriculture


  • Prefaces
  • Introduction
  • Life and Works of Columella
  • Manuscripts and Editions
  • Bibliography
  • Sigla
  • On Agriculture
    • Book 1
      • Preface
      • Writers on Husbandry
      • Rules for the Husbandman
      • Situation and Quality of Land
      • Water
      • Farm Buildings
      • Master and Tenant
      • Farm Overseer, Herdsmen, Shepherds
    • Book 2
      • Kinds of Land
      • Ditching and Draining
      • Tests of Soil
      • Ploughing
      • Care of Oxen in Ploughing
      • Seasons for Cultivation
      • Manuring
      • Grains
      • Seasons for Sowing
      • Quantity of Seed Required
      • Sowing of Legumes, Flax, Hemp, Turnips
      • Fodder Crops
      • Cultivation of Grains and Legumes
      • Number of Labourers Required
      • Qualities of Various Manures
      • Times for Manuring
      • Care of Meadows
      • Hay
      • Reaping and Threshing
      • Precepts for the Husbandman on Holidays
    • [Book 3]
    • [Book 4]

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