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Loeb Classical Library 501

The Lesser Declamations, Volume II


Edited and translated by D. R. Shackleton Bailey

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ISBN 9780674996199

Publication Date: 05/08/2006


464 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches

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  • Declamations Minores
    • 312 Heirs concerning a deposit
    • 313 Wrongly convicted of homicide
    • 314 I killed you, father
    • 315 The hero father of a deserter
    • 316 The father of a loose-liver weeping
    • 317 A general challenged by his son
    • 318 Legacy between freedmen
    • 319 The adulteress poisoner
    • 320 A fined man’s partner
    • 321 Brother and doctor accuse one another of poisoning
    • 322 I disown you if you don’t stop
    • 323 Alexander dedicating a temple
    • 324 The property of a temple thief
    • 325 An inheritance left in trust
    • 326 Envoy’s son victim of pestilence
    • 327 The barren stepmother of three
    • 328 Brothers at loggerheads
    • 329 Burial of a tyrant felo de se
    • 330 Disowned-to-be, the feeder of an adulterous mother
    • 331 Twice convicted of injuries, acquitted the third time
    • 332 Wills of a rich man and a poor man
    • 333 A poor man eloquent at the expense of a rich man
    • 334 Defender of a traitor turned prosecutor
    • 335 Suspected of misconduct with his stepmother, wounded
    • 336 Common land and cancellation of debts
    • 337 Sedition of the people and the army
    • 338 Suit concerning the son of an exposer and a divorcée
    • 339 Demosthenes’ bill
    • 340 The new-come slave in a praetexta
    • 341 A stolen article not declared with the customs
    • 342 Slave girl sent to wed a pirate chief
    • 343 Swindler of a poor man, father-in-law of a rich rapist
    • 344 Prostitute redeemed by rich man for poor man’s son
    • 345 A poor man hired to kill a tyrant
    • 346 The guardian of his son given in adoption
    • 347 In husband’s absence, rumor and wedding
    • 348 Prison burned along with traitors
    • 349 Father of rapist accused of dementia
    • 350 Cold water given to stepson
    • 351 Exile, informer on a tyranny
    • 352 Accused of tyranny, one who after victory considered whether to lay down his arms
    • 353 Stewards tortured
    • 354 She will die before she marries
    • 355 Guardian accused of pandering
    • 356 A man buying out his own prostitute instead of his father’s
    • 357 A wife who does not want to leave one blinded for adultery
    • 358 An exposed beater’s hands cut off
    • 359 Suit of an exciseman about pearls
    • 360 Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in litigation about their dowries
    • 361 Fourfold of a stolen deposit
    • 362 Beaters of their fathers, mutually
    • 363 A wardrobe maid instead of her mistress
    • 364 Jeering poor man killed
    • 365 Seven jurymen in a case of violence
    • 366 An envoy, son of a traitor, killed
    • 367 Hero father of a loose-liver
    • 368 A rape victim supporting her father disowned
    • 369 Victor with the arms of a tomb
    • 370 Rape victim in competition with rich man’s daughter
    • 371 Hero’s father charged with treason
    • 372 A man exposed beats his foster father
    • 373 Ransomed by jewelry
    • 374 A disowned son heir because of tyrannicide
    • 375 Hero, son of a man accused of treason, brother of a deserter
    • 376 Exposed, on oath to marry his foster father’s daughter
    • 377 Summoned by father to join the army, mixing poison
    • 378 Peacemaker to be disowned
    • 379 Rich man brought to trial for murder by temple-robbing parasite
    • 380 Cross written for slave who would not give poison
    • 381 Stepmother under torture saying daughter accomplice
    • 382 Tyrannicide hired
    • 383 Rape victim maltreated
    • 384 Virgin sacrificed for plague
    • 385 A man who gave a prostitute a love philtre prosecuted by her pimp
    • 386 Iphicrates with a sword
    • 387 Hero disowning deserter he had saved
    • 388 Grandmother witness

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