Cover: Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 59/60: Spring/Autumn 2011, from Harvard University PressCover: Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 59/60: Spring/Autumn 2011 in PAPERBACK

Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 59/60: Spring/Autumn 2011

Edited by Francesco Pellizzi

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$60.00 • £47.95 • €54.00

ISBN 9780873658621

Publication: January 2012


374 pages

200 black-and-white illustrations

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Res 59/60 includes “The making of architectural types” by Joseph Rykwert; “Traces of the sun and Inka kinetics” by Tom Cummins and Bruce Mannheim; “Inka water management and display fountains” by Carolyn Dean; “Guaman Poma’s pictures of huacas” by Lisa Trever; “Peruvian nature up close” by Daniela Bleichmar; “Narrative in the ‘Battle Mural’ at Cacaxtla” by Claudia Brittenham; “Codex Teotenantzin and pre-Hispanic images of the Sierra de Guadalupe” by Leonardo Lopez Lujàn and Xavier Noguez; “Under the sign of the cross in the kingdom of Kong,” by Cécile Fromont; “Hunters, Sufis, soldiers, and minstrels” by Cynthia Becker; “The painting of a statue of Herakles” by Clemente Marconi; “Eucharistic morphology in the Middle Ages” by Aden Kumler; “The history of anthropophagy in Christianity” by Beate Fricke; “The votive scenario” by Christopher Wood; “Notes on pseudo-script in pre-European art” by Alexander Nagel; “Dürer’s Folds” by Christopher P. Heuer; “To conceive of in pictures” by Anselm Haverkamp; “Primitivism, humanism, and ambivalence” by Karen Kurczynski and Nicola Pezolet; “Struth's early citiscapes” by Paula Carabel; and contributions to Lectures, Documents, and Discussions by Tanja Klemm, Esther Schomacher and Jan Söffner; Chiara Cappelletto; Boris Groys; David Gersten; Remo Guidieri; and Morton Feldman and Francesco Pellizzi.