Cover: Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 61/62: Spring/Autumn 2012: <i>Sarcophagi</i>, from Harvard University PressCover: Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 61/62: Spring/Autumn 2012 in PAPERBACK

Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, 61/62: Spring/Autumn 2012


Edited by Francesco Pellizzi

Guest editor Wu Hung

Jaś Elsner

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ISBN 9780873658645

Publication: February 2013


368 pages

186 black and white illustrations

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Res 61/62: Sarcophagi is guest-edited by Wu Hung and Jaś Elsner. It includes “Chinese coffins from the first millennium B.C. and early images of the afterworld” by Alain Thote; “Art and personhood” by Björn Ewald; “Western Han sarcophagi and the transformation of Chinese funerary art” by Zheng Yan; “Reading identity on Roman strigillated sarcophagi” by Janet Huskinson; “‘A Tomb Both Great and Blameless’” by Richard Neer; “Funerary Spatiality” by Lillian Lan-ying Tseng; “‘Nero’s Tomb’ and the crisis of the third century” by Edmund Thomas; “Jouissance of death?” by Eugene Wang; “Reading images without texts on Roman sarcophagi” by Paul Zanker; “Decorative imperatives between concealment and display” by Jaś Elsner; “Han sarcophagi” by Wu Hung; “Framing the dead on Roman sarcophagi” by Verity Platt; “Presentation, (re)animation, and the enchantments of technology” by Finbarr Barry Flood; “Death panels” by T. J. Clark; and contributions to Documents and Discussions by Andrew Scherer and Roberta Bonetti. Also included are contributions to Lectures—Color by Alexandre Tokovinine, Cameron L. McNeil, Timothy W. Pugh and Leslie G. Cecil, Leonardo Lopez Lujàn, Douglas K. Charles, and Warren R. DeBoer.