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Peabody Museum Monographs 8

Nyae Nyae !Kung Beliefs and Rites

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Publication Date: 12/01/2004


400 pages

1 map, 1 musical example, 19 halftones, 23 line illustrations

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  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Notes on the Text
  • Introduction: Elements of the Supernatural
  • Part 1: Religious Beliefs
    • 1. The Gods
      • The Creation
      • The Names of the Gods
      • ≠Gao N!a, the Great God
      • //Gauwa, the Lesser God
      • The //Gauwasi
      • The Interrelationship of the Gods with Each Other and with Man
  • Part 2: Rites for the Protection of Life and Health
    • 2. Concepts of Sickness and Healing
      • Concepts of Sickness
      • The Healers
      • Healing
    • 3. The Ritual Healing Dance
      • Dance Groups and Occasions
      • The Men’s Dancing
      • The Women’s Dancing
      • The N/um Songs
      • The Music
      • The Dance and the Healers
    • 4. Food Avoidance and the Tshoa Rite
      • Food Avoidance
      • Creatures Eschewed as Food
      • Individuals’ Voluntary Abstention from Certain Foods
      • Specific Food Avoidances
      • The Tshoa Rite
    • 5. Concepts of Childbirth and Rites For the Protection of Children
      • Protection of Children
      • Concepts of Pregnancy
      • Food Avoidance Observed by Pregnant Women
      • Childbirth
      • Avoidances after Childbirth
      • Protection of the Child
  • Part 3: Rites for Subsistence
    • 6. Hunting Rites
      • Aspects of the Hunt
      • The Meat Fire
      • “Let the Sun Be Blind”
      • The Rite of First Kill
      • The Blood Rite
      • Food Avoidances Related to Hunting
    • 7. Rain Rites and N!ow
      • Concepts about Rain
      • N!ow
  • Part 4: Rites of Passage
    • 8. Death and Burial
      • Death
      • Burial
      • Abandonment
      • Avoidance of Names of the Dead
      • Mourning
      • Possessions of the Dead
    • 9. The Menarcheal Rite
      • A Girl’s First Menstruation
      • The Avoidances
      • The Eland Songs and the Eland Dance
      • The Tshoa Rite
    • 10. Tshoma
      • Aspects of Tshoma
      • The Tskxai !Go (The Men’s Dance)
      • The Avoidances
      • The End of Tshoma and the Tshoa Rite
  • Part 5: Sorcery and Other Mystiques
    • 11. Sorcery
      • The Substances that Have Magic
      • The Inner Force
      • The Magic Bow
    • 12. Millipedes, the Mantis Religiosa, and the Supernatural Peoples
      • Millipedes
      • The Mantis Religiosa
      • The Supernatural Peoples
  • Part 6: Star Lore
    • 13. Star Lore
      • The Sun
      • The Moon
      • The Milky Way
      • The Stars
  • Epilogue
  • Afterword: Change Put in Perspective
  • Appendix: Band Charts
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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