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Reconsidering the Insular Cases

The Past and Future of the American Empire

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ISBN 9780979639579

Publication: May 2015


  • Preface [Martha Minow]
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction [Gerald L. Neuman]
  • 1. When Statehood Was Autonomy [Christina Duffy Ponsa]
  • 2. The Insular Cases: What Is There to Reconsider? [Efrén Rivera Ramos]
  • 3. The Centennial Ocampo v. United States: Lessons from the Insular Cases [Bartholomew H. Sparrow]
  • 4. The Insular Cases: A Declaration of Their Bankruptcy and My Harvard Pronouncement [Juan R. Torruella]
  • 5. From Conquest to Consent: Puerto Rico and the Prospect of Genuine Free Association [Chimène I. Keitner]
  • 6. The Insular Cases, Differentiated Citizenship, and Territorial Statuses in the Twenty-First Century [Rogers M. Smith]
  • 7. The Ideological Decolonization of Puerto Rico’s Autonomist Movement [Rafael Cox Alomar]
  • 8. Our Journey Is Not Complete [Andrés W. López]
  • 9. Puerto Rico and the United States at the Crossroads [Carlos Iván Gorrín Peralta]
  • Contributors