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New Geographies, 4

Scales of the Earth

Edited by El Hadi Jazairy

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ISBN 9781934510278

Publication: August 2011


184 pages

80 color illustrations; 22 halftones

Harvard Graduate School of Design > New Geographies


  • Toward a Plastic Conception of Scale [El Hadi Jazairy]
  • Reverse Shot: Earthrise and Blue Marble in the American Imagination [Robin Kelsey]
  • Cities and Cybernetics [Nicholas de Monchaux]
  • The Space of the World [Stuart Elden]
  • Discounting Territory: Logistics as Capital Principle of Spatial Practices [Marc Angelil and Cary Siress]
  • Global Homelands: Security and Extraterritorialization [Stephen Graham]
  • Rescaling Urban Matter: The City Viewed from the Air [Nathalie Roseau]
  • Aerial Views and the Future of Metropolitan Paris [Frederic Pousin]
  • From Above from Below: The Case of Cantho [Kelly Shannon, Bruno De Meulder, and Annelies De Nijs]
  • Viewing the Earth from Without or from Within [Nina Edwards Anker and Peder Anker]
  • A Southwestern Perspective [Alex MacLean]
  • The World According to Architecture: Beyond Cosmopolis [Hashim Sarkis]
  • Ascending with Nine Chains to the Moon: Buckminster Fuller’s Ideation of the Genius [Adnan Morshed]
  • How Images Assemble the Urban World [Ola Soderstrom]
  • Can You See It from Outer Space? [Julien De Smedt and Ryan Neiheiser]
  • China Hills: A Dream for Future Cities [MVRDV]
  • Geography by Design [Jack Dangermond interviewed by El Hadi Jazairy]
  • Scales of Topology in Landscape Architecture [Christophe Girot]
  • On Google Earth [Mark Dorrian]
  • Google Earth as Dionysusphere [Paul Kingsbury and John Paul Jones III]
  • Living Room Geography [Theo Deutinger]