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Harvard University Press seasonal catalogs are hosted online at Nxtbook, where they can be viewed on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. “Flip” through each catalog’s pages, search for terms or phrases, make notes for personal reference or sharing (by email or social media), and download a copy for later reference. We hope you will find these tools useful. Please send feedback to .

The individual pages of all catalogs contain embedded links back to book listings on this website, where you can read reviews, view tables of content, and quickly see other books in the same subject area.

We provide a version of our seasonal catalog to our London Office for use in their territories. Please see below for recent examples.

Spring/Summer 2019 Catalog »

Booksellers and librarians: HUP catalogs are also at Edelweiss. (Learn more about Edelweiss.)

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How Girls Achieve, by Sally A. Nuamah, from Harvard University Press [Pull quote: “Profound lessons for students, parents, and educators.”—Jane J. Mansbridge, Harvard University]