Art in Detail

This strikingly designed and beautifully illustrated series offers a close look at the rich variety of styles, fascinating decoration, and sheer craftsmanship of world cultures.

Below is a list of in-print works in this collection, presented in series order or publication order as applicable.

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Cover: Chinese Art in Detail

Chinese Art in Detail

Michaelson, Carol
Portal, Jane

Drawing on the British Museum’s extensive collection, Chinese Art in Detail explores the traditional hierarchy of materials and techniques reaching back as far as the Han Dynasty in the third century B.C. in the history and character of the works under scrutiny, this sumptuously illustrated book conveys an understanding of Chinese art in all its great variety, its simplicities, its complexities, its splendors, and its mysteries of craft and inspiration reaching back to Neolithic times.

Cover: Islamic Art in Detail

Islamic Art in Detail

Canby, Sheila R.

This richly illustrated book allows readers to identify the elements and themes of Islamic art forms, and to examine them in works of painting and metalwork, in calligraphy and manuscripts, ceramics, glass, wood, and ivory.

Cover: Japanese Art in Detail

Japanese Art in Detail

Reeve, John

Beginning by asking, “What is Japanese art?” this book supplies an answer so broad in its reach, so rich in detail, and so extensively illustrated that it gives a reader not just a true picture but also a fine understanding of Japanese art. Arranged thematically, the book includes chapters on nature and pleasure, landscape and beauty, all framed by the themes of serenity and turmoil, the two poles of Japanese culture ancient and modern.

Cover: Indian Art in Detail

Indian Art in Detail

Dallapiccola, A. L.

The rich and diverse cultures of India are represented in exquisite detail in this book, which begins with a simple question: what is Indian art? Each thematically organized chapter delves into such topics as religion and myth, epics, festivals, courtly and village life, and the natural world. The gorgeous close-ups of paintings, textiles, and sculptures in metal, ivory, and wood illuminate the aesthetics and workmanship, as well as recurrent motifs that are distinctly Indian.

Cover: African Art in Detail

African Art in Detail

Spring, Chris

This book opens with the question, What is African art? The answer is a brilliantly colorful and detailed look at the myriad materials and genres, forms and meanings, cultural contexts and expressions that comprise artistic traditions across this vast and varied continent. Viewing artworks in their contexts—ancient and modern, urban and rural, western and eastern, decorative and functional—the book is nothing less than a virtual tour of African culture.

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