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Editorial Board and Advisory Committee

Photo of James Hankins, General Editor

James Hankins, General Editor

James Hankins, General Editor
Shane Butler, Associate Editor
Leah Whittington, Associate Editor
Ornella Rossi, Assistant Editor
Ariane Schwartz, Assistant Editor

James Hankins is Professor of History at Harvard University, as well as the founder and General Editor of the I Tatti Renaissance Library and Associate Editor of the Catalogus Translationum and Commentariorum (Union Academique Internationale).

Editorial Board

  • Michael J.B. Allen
  • Francesco Bausi
  • Brian P. Copenhaver
  • Martin Davies
  • Vincenzo Fera
  • Julia Haig Gaisser
  • Walther Ludwig
  • Nicholas Mann
  • Silvia Rizzo

Advisory Committee

  • Alina Payne, Chair
  • Robert Black
  • Maurizio Campanelli
  • Michele Ciliberto
  • Caroline Elam
  • Arthur Field
  • Anthony Grafton
  • Hanna Gray
  • Ralph Hexter
  • Craig Kallendorf
  • Jill Kraye
  • Marc Laureys
  • Francesco Lo Monaco
  • David Marsh
  • Massimo Miglio
  • John Monfasani
  • John O’Malley
  • Marianne Pade
  • David Quint
  • Christine Smith
  • Francesco Tateo
  • Mirko Tavoni
  • Carlo Vecce
  • Ronald Witt
  • Jan Ziolkowski
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