Harvard University Press - Forthcoming Bookshttp://www.hup.harvard.eduPublications from Harvard University Press: Forthcoming Booksen-usCopyright 2017 Harvard University PressContact_HUP@harvard.eduWed, 18 Oct 2017 16:28:20 -0400History of Rome, Volume XIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997196Livy<br />Yardley, J. C.<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997196.jpg"><br /><p><b>Livy</b> (Titus Livius, 64 or 59 BC&ndash;AD 12 or 17), the Roman historian, presents a vivid narrative of Rome&rsquo;s rise from the traditional foundation of the city in 753 or 751 BC to 9 BC and illustrates the collective and individual virtues necessary to maintain such greatness. The fourth decad (31&ndash;40) focuses on Rome&rsquo;s growing hegemony in the East.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997196http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400Medieval Latin Lives of Muhammadhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980730Yolles, Julian<br />Weiss, Jessica<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980730.jpg"><br /><p><i>Medieval Latin Lives of Muhammad</i> helps trace the persistence of old clich&eacute;s as well as the evolution of new attitudes toward Islam and its prophet over five centuries in Western culture. This volume brings together a highly varied and fascinating set of Latin narratives and polemics never before translated into English.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980730http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400Posthomericahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997165Quintus Smyrnaeus<br />Hopkinson, Neil<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997165.jpg"><br /><p><b>Quintus Smyrnaeus</b>&rsquo; <i>Posthomerica</i>, composed between the late second and mid-fourth centuries AD, boldly adapts Homeric diction and style to fill in the story of the Trojan expedition between the end of the <a class="publicationTitle" href="/results-list.php?collection=1405">Iliad</a> and the beginning of the <a class="publicationTitle" href="/results-list.php?collection=1553">Odyssey</a>. This edition replaces the earlier Loeb Classical Library edition by A. S. Way (1913).</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997165http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400Disciplining the Empirehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976207Kinkel, Sarah<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976207.jpg"><br /><p><b>Sarah Kinkel</b> shows that the rise of British naval power was neither inevitable nor unquestioned: it was the outcome of fierce battles over the shape of Britain&rsquo;s empire and the bonds of political authority. The Navy was one of many battlefields where British subjects debated whether the empire would be ruled from Parliament down or the people up.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976207http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400A Business of Statehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984561Mishra, Rupali<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984561.jpg"><br /><p>Around 1800, the English East India Company controlled half of the world&rsquo;s trade and deployed a vast network of political influencers. Yet the story of its 17th-century beginnings has remained largely untold. <b>Rupali Mishra</b>&rsquo;s account of the Company&rsquo;s formative years sheds light on one of the most powerful corporations in the history of the world.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984561http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400Greek and Latin Poetryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984578Poliziano, Angelo<br />Knox, Peter E.<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984578.jpg"><br /><p><b>Angelo Poliziano</b> (1454&ndash;1494) was one of the great scholar-poets of the Renaissance and a leading figure in the Florence during the Age of the Medici. This I Tatti edition contains all of his Greek and Latin poetry (with the exception of the <a class="publicationTitle" href="/catalog.php?isbn=9780674014800">Silvae</a> in ITRL 14) translated into English for the first time.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984578http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400On Human Worth and Excellencehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984585Manetti, Giannozzo<br />Copenhaver, Brian P.<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984585.jpg"><br /><p>In <i>On Human Worth and Excellence</i>, celebrated diplomat, historian, philosopher, and scholar <b>Giannozzo Manetti</b> (1396&ndash;1459) asks: what are the moral, intellectual, and spiritual capabilities of the unique amalgam of body and soul that constitutes human nature? This I Tatti edition contains the first complete translation into English.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984585http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 16:27:53 -0400Thinking and Beinghttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967892Kimhi, Irad<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674967892.jpg"><br /><p>Frege argued that psychological laws of thought&mdash;which explicate how we in fact think&mdash;must be distinguished from logical laws of thought&mdash;which impose rational requirements on thinking. Marking a radical break with Frege&rsquo;s legacy in analytic philosophy, <b>Irad Kimhi</b>&rsquo;s work shows that thinking and being are different manifestations of the same capacity.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967892http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Collective Choice and Social Welfarehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674919211Sen, Amartya<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/16/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674919211.jpg"><br /><p>A classic since 1970, this study has been recognized for its groundbreaking role in integrating economics and ethics, and for its influence in opening up new areas of research in social choice. This expanded edition preserves the text of the original while presenting eleven new chapters of fresh arguments and results and a new introduction.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674919211http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Blockchain and the Lawhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976429De Filippi, Primavera<br />Wright, Aaron<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976429.jpg"><br /><p>How does Bitcoin mine money from 1s and 0s? Through blockchain, a tool for creating secure, decentralized peer-to-peer applications. The technology has been compared to the Internet in impact. But disintermediation&mdash;blockchain&rsquo;s greatest benefit&mdash;cuts out oversight along with middlemen. <i>Blockchain and the Law</i> urges the law to catch up.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976429http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Privacy’s Blueprinthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976009Hartzog, Woodrow<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976009.jpg"><br /><p><b>Woodrow Hartzog</b> develops the underpinning of a new kind of privacy law responsive to the way people actually perceive and use digital technologies. Rather than permit exploitation, it would demand encryption, prohibit malicious interfaces that deceive users and leave them vulnerable, and require safeguards against abuses of biometric surveillance.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976009http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400The Right of Publicityhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980983Rothman, Jennifer<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980983.jpg"><br /><p>From athletes to victims of revenge porn, people have been transformed into intellectual property. Who controls one&rsquo;s identity? <b>Jennifer Rothman</b> uses the right of publicity&mdash;a little-known law&mdash;to answer this question. By tracing the right&rsquo;s origins to privacy laws in the 1800s, she finds a way to reclaim privacy for a public world.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980983http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Nemesishttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660441Stuttard, David<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674660441.jpg"><br /><p>Alcibiades was one of the most dazzling figures of Athens&rsquo;s Golden Age. A friend of Socrates, he was spectacularly rich, bewitchingly handsome and charismatic, a skilled general, and a ruthless politician. He was also a serial traitor. <b>David Stuttard</b> tells a spellbinding story of Alcibiades&rsquo;s life and the turbulent world he set out to conquer.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660441http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Universe in Creationhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976078Gould, Roy R.<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976078.jpg"><br /><p>Offering a fresh take on what brought the world&mdash;and us&mdash;into being, <b>Roy Gould</b> helps us see the universe as the master of its own creation, not tethered to a singular event but burgeoning as new space and energy stream into existence. He explores whether life itself&mdash;rather than a mere cosmic afterthought&mdash;may be written into the basic laws of nature.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976078http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400The New Chimpanzeehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977112Stanford, Craig<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674977112.jpg"><br /><p>Drawing on extensive observations of wild chimpanzees&rsquo; behavior and social dynamics, <b>Craig Stanford</b> portrays a complex and more humanlike ape than the chimps Jane Goodall popularized more than a half century ago&mdash;one that plots political coups, strategizes for resources, and passes on cultural traditions to younger generations.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977112http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Superbugshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975989Hall, William<br />McDonnell, Anthony<br />O'Neill, Jim<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975989.jpg"><br /><p>Antibiotics are powerful drugs that can prevent and treat infections, but they are becoming less effective as a result of drug resistance. <i>Superbugs</i> describes this growing global threat, the systematic failures that have led to it, and solutions that governments, industries, and public health specialists can adopt.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975989http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Boundaries of the Internationalhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980815Pitts, Jennifer<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980815.jpg"><br /><p>It is commonly believed that international law originated in respectful relations among free and equal European states. But as <b>Jennifer Pitts</b> shows, international law was forged as much through Europeans&rsquo; domineering relations with non-European states and empires, leaving a legacy visible in the unequal structures of today&rsquo;s international order.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980815http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400The Annotated Prison Writings of Oscar Wildehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984387Wilde, Oscar<br />Frankel, Nicholas<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Serving prison time with hard labor for the crime of gross indecency, <b>Oscar Wilde</b> wrote some of his most powerful works. A savage indictment of society, and testimony to private sufferings, his prison writings&mdash;illuminated by <b>Nicholas Frankel</b>&rsquo;s notes&mdash;reveal a different man from the dandy and aesthete who shocked or amused the English-speaking world.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984387http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Beginning at the Endhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984431Stilling, Robert<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984431.jpg"><br /><p><b>Robert Stilling</b> shows how aestheticism&rsquo;s decadence became a key idea in postcolonial thought, describing the failures of revolutionary nationalism and asserting cosmopolitanism in poetry and art. Breaking down the boundaries around decadent literature, he takes it outside Europe and emphasizes the global reach of its imaginative transgressions.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984431http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400The Great Rifthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983632Hobart, Michael E.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983632.jpg"><br /><p><b>Michael Hobart</b> locates the great rift between science and religion not in ideological disagreement but in advances in mathematics and symbolic representation that moved past language to open new windows onto the natural world. His work connects the cognitive breakthroughs of the past with intellectual debates ongoing in the twenty-first century.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983632http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400History and Presencehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984592Orsi, Robert A.<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984592.jpg"><br /><p>The unseeing of the gods was a requirement of Western modernity. Beginning with sixteenth-century debates over Christ&rsquo;s real presence in the host, <b>Robert Orsi</b> imagines an alternative. He urges us to withhold from absence the prestige modernity encourages and instead to approach contemporary religion and history with the gods fully present.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984592http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Top Incomes in France in the Twentieth Centuryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737693Piketty, Thomas<br />Ackerman, Seth<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737693.jpg"><br /><p>This pioneering work by <b>Thomas Piketty</b> explains the facts and dynamics of income inequality in France in the twentieth century. On its publication in French in 2001, it helped launch the international program led by Piketty and others to explore the grand patterns and causes of global inequality&mdash;research that has since transformed public debate.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737693http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400What Was Literary Impressionism?http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980792Fried, Michael<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980792.jpg"><br /><p>If literary impressionism is anything, it is the project to turn prose into vision. But vision of what? <b>Michael Fried</b> argues that the impressionists compelled readers not only to see what was described and narrated but also to see writing itself: the upward-facing page, pen and ink, the written script, the act of inscription.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980792http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Vatican Ihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979987O'Malley, John W.<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979987.jpg"><br /><p>In the nineteenth century, the foundations upon which the Catholic Church had rested for centuries were shaken were shaken by liberalism. At the Vatican Council of 1869&ndash;1870, the church made a dramatic effort to set things right by defining the doctrine of papal infallibility. As a result, the church became more pope-centered than ever before.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979987http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Colonial al-Andalushttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980327Calderwood, Eric<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980327.jpg"><br /><p>The widespread belief that Spain and Morocco are joined through their Andalusi past&mdash;from a time when Christians, Muslims, and Jews &ldquo;coexisted&rdquo; in medieval Iberia&mdash;actually arose in the 1800s, as Spain&rsquo;s justification for colonizing Morocco. <b>Eric Calderwood</b> shows how a piece of Spanish propaganda gradually became a tenet of Moroccan nationalism.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980327http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Cognitive Gadgetshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980150Heyes, Cecilia<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980150.jpg"><br /><p>Adult humans have impressive pieces of cognitive equipment, but in <b>Cecilia Heyes</b>&rsquo;s view these cognitive gadgets are not programmed in the genes. They are constructed over the course of childhood through social interaction. From birth, our malleable minds learn from our culture-soaked human environment not only what to think but how to think it.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980150http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400The World Inequality Reporthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984554Alvaredo, Facundo<br />Chancel, Lucas<br />Piketty, Thomas<br />Saez, Emmanuel<br />Zucman, Gabriel<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984554.jpg"><br /><p><i>The World Inequality Report: 2018</i> is the most authoritative and up-to-date account of global trends in inequality. Researched, compiled, and written by a team of the world&rsquo;s leading economists, it presents&mdash;with unrivaled clarity and depth&mdash;information and analysis that will be vital to policy makers and scholars everywhere.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984554http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Hearing Thingshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983496Leighton, Angela<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983496.jpg"><br /><p>Drawing on the writings of critics and philosophers and on the comments of poets and novelists who have pointed to the role of the ear in writing and reading, <b>Angela Leighton</b> offers a reconsideration of literature as an exercise in hearing things, and renews a call for criticism that is creatively attentive to sound&rsquo;s work in every literary text.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983496http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 29 Sep 2017 14:18:11 -0400Adaptive Oncogenesishttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674545397DeGregori, James<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674545397.jpg"><br /><p><b>James DeGregori</b> proposes a way of thinking about cancer as a disease of evolution&mdash;one in which mutated cells outcompete healthy cells in the ecosystem of the body&rsquo;s tissues. By tying cancer&rsquo;s progression to natural selection and evolved strategies for reproductive success, his theory goes far in explaining who gets cancer, when it appears, and why.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674545397http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:30 -0400Good Governmenthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979437Rosanvallon, Pierre<br />DeBevoise, Malcolm<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979437.jpg"><br /><p>Faced with government&rsquo;s ineptitude, people are attracted to strong leaders and bold action. As <b>Pierre Rosanvallon</b> demonstrates, &ldquo;presidentialism&rdquo; may reflect the particular concerns of today, but its many precursors show that democracy has always struggled with tension between popular government and concentrated authority.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979437http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:30 -0400Beyond Abortionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976702Ziegler, Mary<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976702.jpg"><br /><p><i>Roe</i>&rsquo;s privacy rationale inspired left-leaning movements unrelated to abortion&mdash;around sexual orientation, class, gender, race, disability, and patient rights. But groups on the right used it as well, to attack government involvement in American life. <b>Mary Ziegler</b>&rsquo;s analysis shows that privacy belongs to no party or cause.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976702http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:30 -0400China at Warhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983502van de Ven, Hans<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983502.jpg"><br /><p>China&rsquo;s mid-twentieth-century wars, 1936 to 1953, pose extraordinary interpretive challenges. Much is at stake politically in how this story is told. In <b>Hans van de Ven</b>&rsquo;s telling, the war with Japan, the civil war between Nationalists and Communists, and the aftermath were of a piece&mdash;a singular process of conflict, strategy, and political change.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983502http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:30 -0400Selected Poemshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674063440Engonopoulos, Nikos<br />Connolly, David<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674063440.jpg"><br /><p><b>Nikos Engonopoulos</b> (1907&ndash;1985) was one of the most prominent representatives of Greek Surrealist poetry and painting. This volume offers a collection of his most representative poems, including his long poem <i>Boliv&aacute;r</i>, an emblematic act of resistance against the Nazis and their allies who occupied Greece in 1941.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674063440http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Baking Emily Dickinson’s Black Cakehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980099Hardman, Emilie<br />Cole, Heather<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p><i>Baking Emily Dickinson&rsquo;s Black Cake</i> delves into the history of the poet&rsquo;s manuscript recipe. It calls for &ldquo;2 Butter. / 19 eggs. / 5 pounds Raisins&rdquo; and produces batter weighing in excess of twenty pounds. Explore the story of each ingredient, in the context of Emily Dickinson&rsquo;s nineteenth century Amherst home, with librarians of Houghton.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980099http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Moving toward Integrationhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976535Sander, Richard H.<br />Kucheva, Yana A.<br />Zasloff, Jonathan M.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976535.jpg"><br /><p>Reducing residential segregation has proven to be the best way to reduce racial inequality in employment, earnings, test scores, and longevity. <i>Moving toward Integration</i> explains why racial segregation has been resilient, and how public policy, aligned with demographic trends, can achieve housing integration within a generation.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976535http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Pandora’s Boxhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674545113Leonhard, Jörn<br />Camiller, Patrick<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674545113.jpg"><br /><p>In a monumental history of WWI, Germany&rsquo;s leading historian of the first great 20th-century catastrophe explains the war&rsquo;s origins and course, revealing how profoundly it shaped the world to come. <b>J&ouml;rn Leonhard</b> treats the clash of arms with a sure feel for grand strategy, the tactics of arms and attrition, and the grim fate of frontline soldiers.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674545113http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400A World of Empireshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976405Bojanowska, Edyta M.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976405.jpg"><br /><p><b>Edyta Bojanowska</b> uses Ivan Goncharov&rsquo;s gripping travelogue&mdash;a bestseller in nineteenth-century Russia&mdash;as a unique eyewitness account of empire in action. Slow to be integrated into the standard narrative on European imperialism, Russia emerges here as an assertive empire eager to emulate European powers and determined to define Russia against them.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976405http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The Known Citizenhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737501Igo, Sarah E.<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737501.jpg"><br /><p>Every day Americans make decisions about their privacy: what to share, how much to expose to whom. Securing the boundary between private affairs and public identity has become a central task of citizenship. <b>Sarah Igo</b> pursues this elusive social value across the twentieth century, as individuals asked how they should be known by their own society.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737501http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Leftism Reinventedhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971813Mudge, Stephanie L.<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/16/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674971813.jpg"><br /><p>Analyzing left-leaning parties in the U.S., Sweden, Germany, and the United Kingdom, <b>Stephanie Mudge</b> shows that the left lost voters&rsquo; loyalty in part because of the changing worldview of party experts. Keynesian economists in the 1960s who spoke for managing the economy gave way in the 1980s to economists advocating the advancement of markets.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971813http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400An Emerging Modern Worldhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674047204Conrad, Sebastian<br />Osterhammel, Jürgen<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/16/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674047204.jpg"><br /><p>For most of human history, states and regions were connected by long-distance commerce and war, yet they developed essentially separately. The century after 1750 marked a major shift. <i>An Emerging Modern World</i>, fourth in the six-volume series <i>A History of the World</i>, charts this transformative period outside the West.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674047204http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Information, Incentives, and Education Policyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674050907Neal, Derek A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674050907.jpg"><br /><p><b>Derek Neal</b> writes that economists must analyze public education policy in the same way they analyze other procurement problems. He shows how standard tools from economics research speak directly to issues in education. For mastering the models and tools that economists of education should use in their work, there is no better resource available.</p> http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674050907http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Poems of Christopher of Mytilene and John Mauropoushttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674736986Christopher of Mytilene<br />Mauropous, John<br />Bernard, Floris<br />Livanos, Christopher<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674736986.jpg"><br /><p><i>Poems of Christopher of Mytilene and John Mauropous</i> collects the varied Byzantine Greek verses of these witty and vibrant poets&mdash;their epigrams, satires, encomia, polemics, and more&mdash;in English for the first time.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674736986http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Holy Humanitarianshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737365Curtis, Heather D.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737365.jpg"><br /><p><b>Heather D. Curtis</b> lays bare the theological motivations, social forces, cultural assumptions, business calculations, and political dynamics that shaped America&rsquo;s ambivalent embrace of evangelical philanthropy. In the process she uncovers the seeds of today&rsquo;s heated debates over the politics of poverty relief and international aid.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737365http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Inventing the Immigration Problemhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976443Benton-Cohen, Katherine<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976443.jpg"><br /><p>The Dillingham Commission&mdash;created by Congress in 1907 to collect data on a perceived immigration problem&mdash;remains the largest U.S. immigration study ever conducted. <b>Katherine Benton-Cohen</b> shows that its Progressive formulation and recommendations endure in almost every component of immigration policy, control, and enforcement a century later.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976443http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The People’s Zionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737785Cabrita, Joel<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737785.jpg"><br /><p><b>Joel Cabrita</b> tells the story of Zionism, which began in a utopian community near Chicago in 1900. Its faith-healing spiritualism, uplifting pan-racialism, and missionary zeal resonated with marginalized urban working-class whites and blacks in both the United States and Southern Africa. Today Zionism is Southern Africa&rsquo;s largest religious movement.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737785http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Christianhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737631Bowman, Matthew<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737631.jpg"><br /><p>Religious diversity is a defining feature of the United States. But more remarkable than the range of faiths is the diversity of political visions embedded in them. <b>Matthew Bowman</b> delves into the ongoing struggle over the potent word &ldquo;Christian,&rdquo; not merely to settle theological disputes but to discover its centrality to American politics.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737631http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Empire by Invitationhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737495Gobat, Michel<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737495.jpg"><br /><p><b>Michel Gobat</b> traces the first U.S. overseas empire to William Walker, a believer in the nation&rsquo;s manifest destiny to spread not only westward but abroad. In the 1850s Walker and a band of expansionists migrated to Nicaragua to free the masses from allegedly despotic elites. But what began with promises of liberation devolved into a reign of terror.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737495http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400As the World Ageshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674504639Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/16/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674504639.jpg"><br /><p>People are living longer, not only in wealthy countries but in developing nations. For too long, Western experts have conceived of aging as a universal predicament&mdash;one that supposedly provokes the same welfare concerns in every context. It is time, <b>Kavita Sivaramakrishnan</b> writes, to embrace a new approach that prioritizes local agendas and values.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674504639http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Writing for Printhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983830Son, Suyoung<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983830.jpg"><br /><p><b>Suyoung Son</b> examines the widespread practice of self-publishing by writers in late imperial China, focusing on the relationships between manuscript tradition and print convention, peer patronage and popular fame, and gift exchange and commercial transactions in textual production and circulation.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983830http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Navigating Semi-Colonialismhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983847Reinhardt, Anne<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983847.jpg"><br /><p><i>Navigating Semi-Colonialism</i> examines steam navigation, which was introduced by foreign powers to Chinese waters in the mid-nineteenth century. <b>Anne Reinhardt</b> illuminates both conceptual and concrete aspects of this regime, arguing for the specificity of China&rsquo;s experience, its continuities with colonialism, and its links to global processes.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983847http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Legal Lessonshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983854Altehenger, Jennifer<br />HARDCOVER<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983854.jpg"><br /><p><i>Legal Lessons</i> examines how China&rsquo;s party-state attempted to motivate ordinary citizens to learn laws during the Mao period. Archival records, advice manuals, and colorful propaganda materials reveal how official attempts to promote &ldquo;correct&rdquo; understanding of laws intersected with the interpretations and practical experiences of the people.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983854http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Word Embodiedhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983861O’Neal, Halle<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/04/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983861.jpg"><br /><p><b>Halle O&rsquo;Neal</b> unpacks jeweled pagoda mandala paintings and their revolutionary entwining of word and image to reveal crucial dynamics underlying Japanese Buddhist art&mdash;including invisibility, performative viewing, and the spectacular visualizations of embodiment.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983861http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400An Introduction to Chinese Poetryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983885Fuller, Michael A.<br />PAPERBACK<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983885.jpg"><br /><p><b>Michael A. Fuller</b>&rsquo;s innovative textbook for learning classical Chinese poetry moves beyond the traditional anthology of poems translated into English and instead brings readers&mdash;including those with no knowledge of Chinese&mdash;as close as possible to the texture of the poems in their original language.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983885http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Infernohttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983939Ferguson, Robert A.<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983939.jpg"><br /><p><b>Robert Ferguson</b> diagnoses all parts of a massive, out-of-control punishment regime. Turning the spotlight on the plight of prisoners, he asks the American people, Do we want our prisons to be this way? Acknowledging the suffering of prisoners and understanding what punishers do when they punish are the first steps toward a better, more just system.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983939http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400We the People, Volume 3: The Civil Rights Revolutionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983946Ackerman, Bruce<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983946.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Civil Rights Revolution</i> carries <b>Bruce Ackerman</b>&rsquo;s sweeping reinterpretation of constitutional history into the era beginning with <i>Brown v. Board of Education</i>. Laws that ended Jim Crow and ensured equal rights at work, in schools, and in the voting booth gained congressional approval only after the American people mobilized their support.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983946http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The Ransom of the Soulhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983977Brown, Peter<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983977.jpg"><br /><p><b>Peter Brown</b> explores a revolutionary shift in thinking about the fate of the soul between 250 and 650 CE, showing how personal wealth in the pursuit of redemption led Church doctrine concerning the afterlife to evolve from speculation to firm reality. This new relationship to money set the stage for the Church&rsquo;s domination of medieval society.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983977http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Illusion and Disillusionmenthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984479Micallef, Roberta<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984479.jpg"><br /><p>Through engaging characters&mdash;China-bound missionaries, an Indo-Persian diplomat, a Turkish exile in India, a French teacher in America, Arab students in Moscow, a Japanese woman writer in Europe&mdash;<i>Illusion and Disillusionment</i> examines travel writing beyond colonialism, imperialism, and Orientalism, focusing on the experience of travel itself.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984479http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Lincoln's Tragic Pragmatismhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983991Burt, John<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983991.jpg"><br /><p>In their famous debates, Lincoln and Douglas struggled with how to behave when an ethical conflict like slavery strained democracy&rsquo;s commitment to rule by both consent and principle. What conscience demands and what it can persuade others to agree to are not always the same. Ultimately, this tragic limitation of liberalism led Lincoln to war.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983991http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Self and Soulhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984004Edmundson, Mark<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/04/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984004.jpg"><br /><p>In a culture of the Self that has become progressively more skeptical and materialistic, we spare little thought for the great ideals&mdash;courage, contemplation, and compassion&mdash;that once gave life meaning. Here, <b>Mark Edmundson</b> makes an impassioned attempt to defend the value of these ancient ideals and to resurrect Soul in the modern world.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984004http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproductionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984011Greely, Henry T.<br />PAPERBACK<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984011.jpg"><br /><p>Within 40 years many people will stop having sex for reproduction. After IVF and preimplantation genetic diagnosis, parents will pick embryos for implantation, gestation, and birth. It will be easy, safe, lawful, and free, <b>Henry Greely</b> predicts. He explains the new technologies and sets out the deep ethical and legal challenges facing humanity.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984011http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400An Inquiry into Modes of Existencehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984028Latour, Bruno<br />Porter, Catherine<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984028.jpg"><br /><p>In a new approach to philosophical anthropology, <b>Bruno Latour</b> offers answers to questions raised in <i>We Have Never Been Modern</i>: If not modern, what <i>have</i> we been, and what values should we inherit? <i>An Inquiry into Modes of Existence</i> offers a new basis for diplomatic encounters with other societies at a time of ecological crisis.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984028http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Global Inequalityhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984035Milanovic, Branko<br />PAPERBACK<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984035.jpg"><br /><p><b>Branko Milanovic</b> presents a bold account of the dynamics that drive inequality on a global scale. Using vast data sets, he explains the forces that make inequality rise and fall within and among nations over time. He reveals who has been helped by globalization, who has been hurt, andwhat policies might tilt the balance toward economic justice.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984035http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Inside Graduate Admissionshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984042Posselt, Julie R.<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984042.jpg"><br /><p>Advanced degrees are necessary for careers that once required only a college education. Yet little has been written about who gets into grad school and why. <b>Julie Posselt</b> pulls back the curtain on this secret process, revealing how faculty evaluate applicants in top-ranked doctoral programs in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984042http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Dignityhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984059Rosen, Michael<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984059.jpg"><br /><p>Dignity plays a central role in thinking about law and human rights, but there is sharp disagreement about its meaning. Combining conceptual precision with a broad historical background, <b>Rosen</b> puts these controversies in context and offers a novel, constructive proposal. He also answers a puzzling question: why treat the dead with dignity?</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984059http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Dantehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984066Santagata, Marco<br />Dixon, Richard<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/02/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984066.jpg"><br /><p><b>Marco Santagata</b> illuminates one of the world&rsquo;s supreme poets from many angles&mdash;philosopher, father, courtier, political partisan. He brings together a vast body of Italian scholarship on Dante&rsquo;s medieval world, untangles a complex web of family relationships for English readers, and shows the influence of local and regional politics on his writing.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984066http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Dark Ghettoshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984073Shelby, Tommie<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/04/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984073.jpg"><br /><p>For <b>Tommie Shelby</b>, the persistence of ghettos raises many thorny questions of morality, and he offers practical answers framed in terms of what justice requires of government and its citizens. His social vision and political ethics calls for putting the abolition of ghettos at the center of reform.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984073http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The Ocean, the Bird, and the Scholarhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984080Vendler, Helen<br />PAPERBACK<br />May 2018<br />Available 04/09/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984080.jpg"><br /><p>One of our foremost commentators examines the work of a broad range of English, Irish, and American poets. <b>Helen Vendler</b>&rsquo;s essays, book reviews, and occasional prose from the past two decades, taken together, are an eloquent plea for the centrality&mdash;in humanistic study and modern culture&mdash;of poetry&rsquo;s subversive, sustaining, and demanding legacy.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984080http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The Lizards, Crocodiles, and Turtles of Hondurashttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984165McCranie, James R.<br />PAPERBACK<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984165.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Lizards, Crocodiles, and Turtles of Honduras</i> is the final installment of a series by <b>James R. McCranie</b> documenting the amphibians and reptiles of Honduras. The book is thoroughly illustrated by color photographs and maps, with discussion of conservation status and identification keys in both English and Spanish.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984165http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Agamemnon, the Pathetic Despothttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984455Porter, Andrew<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984455.jpg"><br /><p><b>Andrew Porter</b> explores characterization in Homer, from an oral-traditional point of view, through the resonance of words, themes, and &ldquo;back stories&rdquo; from the past and future. He analyzes Agamemnon&rsquo;s character traits in the <a class="publicationTitle" href="/catalog.php?isbn=9780674995796">Iliad</a>, including his qualities as a leader, against events such as his tragic homecoming in the <a class="publicationTitle" href="9780674995611">Odyssey</a>.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984455http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400River Cities, City Rivershttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024255Way, Thaïsa<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780884024255.jpg"><br /><p>Cities have been built alongside rivers throughout history&mdash;shaping the development of urban landscapes and altering ecologies. Yet we have rarely given these urban landscapes their due. <i>River Cities, City Rivers</i> explores how such histories have shaped the present and how they might inform our visions of the future.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024255http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Smoke, Flames, and the Human Body in Mesoamerican Ritual Practicehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024262Tiesler, Vera<br />Scherer, Andrew K.<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/14/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780884024262.jpg"><br /><p><i>Smoke, Flames, and the Human Body in Mesoamerican Ritual Practice</i> address the traditions, circumstances, and practices that involved the burning of bodies and bone, to better understand the ideologies behind these acts. It brings together scholars working across Mesoamerica with different methodologies and interdisciplinary lenses.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024262http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Give and Takehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983878Ehlers, Maren A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983878.jpg"><br /><p><i>Give and Take</i> offers a new history of government in Tokugawa Japan (1600&ndash;1868), one that focuses on ordinary subjects: merchants, artisans, villagers, and people at the margins of society. <b>Maren Ehlers</b> explores how high and low people negotiated and collaborated with each otheras they addressed the problem of poverty in early modern Japan.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983878http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400The Study of al-Andalushttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984462Hamilton, Michelle M.<br />Wacks, David A.<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/04/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984462.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Study of al-Andalus</i> explores the many ways in which James T. Monroe&rsquo;s scholarship has inspired further study in topics including Hispano-Arabic, Hebrew, and Romance literatures, Persian epic poetry, the impact of Andalusi literature in Egypt and the Arab East, and the lasting legacy of the expulsion of Spain&rsquo;s last Muslims.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984462http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Justice and Leadership in Early Islamic Courtshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984219Rabb, Intisar A.<br />Balbale, Abigail Krasner<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984219.jpg"><br /><p><i>Justice and Leadership in Early Islamic Courts</i> explores the administration of justice during Islam&rsquo;s founding period, 632&ndash;1250 CE. Inspired by the scholarship of Roy Parviz Mottahedeh, ten scholars of Islamic law draw on diverse sources including historical chronicles, biographical dictionaries, exegetical works, and mirrors for princes.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984219http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Guardian of a Dying Flamehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984356McKeown, Arthur<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p><b>Arthur McKeown</b> examines newly revealed Tibetan and Chinese biographies of &#346;&amacr;riputra and a collection of historical documents in Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese. These sources point to a fundamental reconsideration of later Indian Buddhism, its relationship with Brahmanism and Islam, and its enduring importance throughout Asia.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984356http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Lokaprakāśa by Kṣemendra with the commentary of Sahaja Bhaṭṭa, Volume 2http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984363Kṣemendra<br />Bhaṭṭa, Sahaja<br />Witzel, Michael<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/11/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Long lost, the edition of this significant text has been recovered in the Soci&eacute;t&eacute; Asiatique in Paris and is now published here. <i>Lokaprak&amacr;&sacute;a by Ks&#803;emendra with the commentary of Sahaja Bhat&#803;t&#803;a</i> fills a large gap in our knowledge of private life and public administration in medieval India and will greatly interest Sanskritists and historians.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984363http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Tragedies, Volume Ihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997172Seneca<br />Fitch, John G.<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997172.jpg"><br /><p><b>Seneca</b> (ca. AD 4&ndash;65) authored verse tragedies that strongly influenced Shakespeare and other Renaissance dramatists. Plots are based on myth, but themes reflect imperial Roman politics. <b>John G. Fitch</b> has thoroughly revised his two-volume edition to take account of scholarship that has appeared since its initial publication.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997172http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Tragedies, Volume IIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997189Seneca<br />Fitch, John G.<br />HARDCOVER<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997189.jpg"><br /><p><b>Seneca</b> (ca. AD 4&ndash;65) authored verse tragedies that strongly influenced Shakespeare and other Renaissance dramatists. Plots are based on myth, but themes reflect imperial Roman politics. <b>John G. Fitch</b> has thoroughly revised his two-volume edition to take account of scholarship that has appeared since its initial publication.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997189http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 27 Sep 2017 14:01:29 -0400Nefertiti’s Facehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983755Tyldesley, Joyce<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983755.jpg"><br /><p>Little is known about the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, yet she is one of the most famous women who ever lived. Her face adorns modern artifacts all over the world, thanks to just one object: the lovely, mysterious Nefertiti bust created by Thutmose. <b>Joyce Tyldesley</b> tells the fascinating story of one of the world&rsquo;s most treasured artifacts.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983755http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 26 Sep 2017 12:04:31 -0400The Price of Aidhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659599Engerman, David C.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674659599.jpg"><br /><p>Looking back to the evolution of foreign aid during the Cold War, <b>David C. Engerman</b> invites us to recognize the strategic thinking at the heart of development assistance&mdash;along with the political costs. India&rsquo;s history provides an instructive model, as China spends freely in Africa and the political stakes of foreign aid start to rise again.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659599http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Sep 2017 12:16:35 -0400Escape from Vichyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983380Jennings, Eric T.<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983380.jpg"><br /><p>Early in World War II, thousands of refugees traveled from France to Vichy-controlled Martinique, en route to safer shores in North, Central, and South America. While awaiting transfer, the exiles formed influential ties&mdash;with one another and with local black dissidents. As <b>Eric T. Jennings</b> shows, what began as expulsion became a kind of rescue.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983380http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Sep 2017 12:16:35 -0400Globalistshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979529Slobodian, Quinn<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979529.jpg"><br /><p>Do neoliberals hate the state? In the first intellectual history of neoliberal globalism, <b>Quinn Slobodian</b> follows neoliberal thinkers from the Habsburg Empire&rsquo;s fall to the creation of the World Trade Organization to show that neoliberalism emerged less to shrink government and abolish regulations than to deploy them globally to protect capitalism.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979529http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Sep 2017 12:16:35 -0400The Rise of Romehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659650Lomas, Kathryn<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674659650.jpg"><br /><p>By the third century BC, Rome was poised to build an empire throughout the Mediterranean basin. What transformed a once-modest settlement into the region&rsquo;s preeminent power? In the story of Rome&rsquo;s rise <b>Kathryn Lomas</b> identifies nascent political structures that unified the empire&rsquo;s diverse populations and finds the beginnings of Italian peoplehood.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659650http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 19 Sep 2017 12:51:39 -0400Waste of a Nationhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980600Doron, Assa<br />Jeffrey, Robin<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980600.jpg"><br /><p><b>Assa Doron</b> and <b>Robin Jeffrey</b> argue that in India the removal and reuse of waste lays waste to human lives. People at the bottom are injured and stigmatized as they work with sewage, toxic chemicals, and rotting garbage. If India is to emerge as a model for the world, its policies will have to reach beyond the environment, to encompass empathy.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980600http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 13 Sep 2017 10:41:29 -0400Our Universehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984288Dunkley, Jo<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984288.jpg"><br /><p><b>Jo Dunkley</b> combines her expertise as an astrophysicist with her talents as a writer and teacher to present an elegant introduction to the structure, history, and enduring mysteries of the universe. Among the cutting-edge phenomena discussed are the accelerating expansion of the universe and the possibility that our universe is only one of many.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984288http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 13 Sep 2017 10:41:29 -0400Root-Cause Regulationhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979604Piore, Michael J.<br />Schrank, Andrew<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979604.jpg"><br /><p>Work is more deadly than war, and the U.S. has one of the highest rates of occupational fatality in the developed world. Why, after a century of reform, are U.S. workers growing less secure? <b>Michael Piore</b> and <b>Andrew Schrank</b> show how regulation can be a generative force for both workers and employers, rather than the job-killer of neoliberal theory.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979604http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 13 Sep 2017 10:41:29 -0400Jesus in Asiahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674051133Sugirtharajah, R. S.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674051133.jpg"><br /><p>Reconstructions of Jesus occurred in Asia long before the Western search for the historical Jesus began in earnest. Asians remade Jesus at times appreciatively and at other times critically. <b>R. S. Sugirtharajah</b> situates the historical Jesus beyond the narrow confines of the West and offers an eye-opening chapter in the story of global Christianity.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674051133http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 11 Sep 2017 15:50:31 -0400Markets, Morals, Politicshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976337Kapossy, Béla<br />Nakhimovsky, Isaac<br />Reinert, Sophus A.<br />Whatmore, Richard<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976337.jpg"><br /><p>When Istvan Hont died in 2013 the world lost a giant of intellectual history. <i>Markets, Morals, Politics</i> brings together a celebrated cast of Hont&rsquo;s contemporaries to explore his influence, ideas, and methods&mdash;a work of interpretation that does justice to Hont&rsquo;s influence while developing its own provocative, illuminating arguments.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976337http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 11 Sep 2017 15:50:31 -0400Calculated Valueshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971875Deringer, William<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674971875.jpg"><br /><p>Modern political culture features a deep-seated faith in the power of numbers. But quantitative evidence has not always been revered, as <b>William Deringer</b> shows. After the 1688 Revolution, as Britons learned to fight by the numbers, their enthusiasm for figures arose not from efforts to find objective truths but from the turmoil of politics itself.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971875http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 11 Sep 2017 15:50:31 -0400The Muslim Brotherhood and the Westhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674970700Frampton, Martyn<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674970700.jpg"><br /><p>Drawing on the Muslim Brotherhood&rsquo;s Arabic and English writings and on archival research in London and Washington, <b>Martyn Frampton</b> provides the first comprehensive history of the charged relationship between the world&rsquo;s largest Islamist movement and the Western powers that have dominated the Middle East for a century: Britain and the United States.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674970700http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 11 Sep 2017 15:50:31 -0400The Cuban Economy in a New Erahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980358Domínguez, Jorge I.<br />Pérez Villanueva, Omar Everleny<br />Barberia, Lorena<br />PAPERBACK<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980358.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Cuban Economy in ​a New Era</i> diagnoses the ills afflicting Cuba&rsquo;s economy and examines seven areas: macroeconomic policy, central planning, small and medium private enterprises, nonagricultural cooperatives, financing options for the new private sector, state enterprise management, and relations with international financial institutions.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980358http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400Speaking of Profithttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983809Rowe, William T.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983809.jpg"><br /><p>The Qing Empire in the early nineteenth century faced bureaucratic corruption, food shortages, infrastructure decay, domestic rebellion, adverse balances of trade, and a previously inconceivable foreign threat from the West. <b>William T. Rowe</b> uses literati reformer Bao Shichen as a prism to understand contemporary response to this general crisis.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983809http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400Reading Philosophy, Writing Poetryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983823Swartz, Wendy<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983823.jpg"><br /><p>Early medieval writers in China understood and manipulated a shared intellectual lexicon to produce meaning. <b>Wendy Swartz</b> explores how these writers developed a distinctive mosaic of ways to participate in their cultural heritage by weaving textual strands from a shared and expanding store of literary resources into new patterns and configurations.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983823http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400Building for Oilhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983816Hou, Li<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983816.jpg"><br /><p><i>Building for Oil</i> is a historical account of the oil town of Daqing in northeastern China during the formative years of the People&rsquo;s Republic and describes Daqing&rsquo;s rise and fall as a national model city. <b>Hou Li</b> traces the roots of the Chinese socialist state and its early industrialization and modernization policies.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983816http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400Materials for the Study of Gurung <i>Pe</i>. Volumes I and IIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984325Strickland, Simon<br />MIXED MEDIA<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>The Nepalese Gurung recitations known as <i>pe</i> form a diverse group of oral narratives performed by a medicine man or shaman to promote health and prosperity. This two-volume set includes an analytical introduction, 13,000 lines of annotated transcriptions for 92 <i>pe</i>, color plate illustrations, and field recordings on an accompanying DVD.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984325http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400A Comparative Dictionary of Raute and Rawathttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984349Fortier, Jana<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>The Raute and Rawat people of the central Himalayan region live by hunting, gathering, and trading wooden carvings. <i>A Comparative Dictionary of Raute and Rawat</i> provides a useful reference work with new information about the speakers&rsquo; ethnic identities and culturally significant plants, animals, deities, and material culture.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984349http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 08 Sep 2017 10:19:10 -0400How the Other Half Bankshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983960Baradaran, Mehrsa<br />PAPERBACK<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983960.jpg"><br /><p>The United States has two separate banking systems&mdash;one serving the well-to-do and another exploiting everyone else. Deserted by banks and lacking credit, many people are forced to wander through a Wild West of payday lenders and check-cashing services thanks to the effects of deregulation in the 1970s that continue today, <b>Mehrsa Baradaran</b> shows.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983960http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assemblyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983984Butler, Judith<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674983984.jpg"><br /><p><b>Judith Butler</b> elucidates the dynamics of public assembly under prevailing economic and political conditions. Understanding assemblies as plural forms of performative action, she extends her theory of performativity to show why precarity&mdash;destruction of the conditions of livability&mdash;is a galvanizing force and theme in today&rsquo;s highly visible protests.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674983984http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400The Burdens of Brotherhoodhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984103Katz, Ethan B.<br />PAPERBACK<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984103.jpg"><br /><p>Headlines from France suggest that the country&rsquo;s Jews and Muslims are inevitably at odds. But the past tells a different story. In this sweeping history from World War I to the present, <b>Ethan Katz</b> shows that Jewish&ndash;Muslim relations were more complex, shaped by everyday encounters and perceptions of deeply rooted similarities as well as differences.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984103http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400The Hungry Mindhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984110Engel, Susan<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984110.jpg"><br /><p>Despite American education&rsquo;s mania for standardized tests, testing misses what matters most about learning: the desire to learn in the first place. <b>Susan Engel</b> offers a highly readable exploration of what curiosity is, how it can be measured, how it develops in childhood, and how educators can put curiosity at the center of the classroom.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984110http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400Thinking Smallhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984127Immerwahr, Daniel<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984127.jpg"><br /><p><b>Daniel Immerwahr</b> tells how the United States sought to rescue the world from poverty through small-scale, community-based approaches. He also sounds a warning: such strategies, now again in vogue, have been tried before, alongside grander moderization schemes&mdash;with often disastrous consequences as self-help gave way to crushing local oppression.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984127http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400Authors in Courthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984134Rose, Mark<br />PAPERBACK<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984134.jpg"><br /><p><b>Mark Rose</b> uses case studies to show how gender and gentility have influenced the self-presentation of authors in court and how the personal styles, public personas, and histories of novelists, dramatists, poets, photographers, and cartoonists have influenced the development of legal doctrine around issues of copyright.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984134http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400Minds on Firehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984097Carnes, Mark C.<br />PAPERBACK<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984097.jpg"><br /><p>Why are so many students intellectually disengaged? <b>Mark Carnes</b> says it is because students are so deeply absorbed in competitive social play. He shows how month-long role-immersion games in the curriculum can channel those competitive impulses into transformative learning experiences, and how bricks-and-mortar colleges can set young minds on fire.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984097http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 07 Sep 2017 13:24:56 -0400The Chinese Must Gohttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976016Lew-Williams, Beth<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976016.jpg"><br /><p><b>Beth Lew-Williams</b> shows how American immigration policies incited violence against Chinese workers, and how that violence provoked new exclusionary policies. Locating the origins of the modern American &ldquo;alien&rdquo; in this violent era, she makes clear that the present resurgence of xenophobia builds mightily upon past fears of the &ldquo;heathen Chinaman.&rdquo;</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976016http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Catholic Modernhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674972100Chappel, James<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674972100.jpg"><br /><p>In 1900 the Catholic Church stood staunchly against human rights, religious freedom, and the secular state&mdash;disastrous concepts unleashed by the French Revolution. Yet by the 1960s its position was reversed. How did the world&rsquo;s largest religious organization become modern? <b>James Chappel</b> finds answers in the shattering experiences of the 1930s.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674972100http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400America Classifies the Immigrantshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674425057Perlmann, Joel<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674425057.jpg"><br /><p><b>Joel Perlmann</b> traces the history of U.S. classification of immigrants, from Ellis Island to the present day, showing how slippery and contested ideas about racial, national, and ethnic difference have been. His focus ranges from the 1897 List of Races and Peoples, through changes in the civil rights era, to proposals for reform of the 2020 Census.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674425057http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400First in Flyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971011Mohr, Stephanie Elizabeth<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674971011.jpg"><br /><p>A single species of fly, <i>Drosophila melanogaster</i>, has been the subject of scientific research for more than one hundred years. <b>Stephanie Elizabeth Mohr</b> explains why this tiny insect merits such intense scrutiny, and how laboratory findings made first in flies have expanded our understanding of human health and disease.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971011http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400The Devil’s Musichttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980846Stephens, Randall J.<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980846.jpg"><br /><p><b>Randall Stephens</b> traces rock&rsquo;s inspiration to the Pentecostal churches where Elvis, Little Richard, and others worshipped. Faith, which served as a vehicle for whites&rsquo; fears, led them to condemn the godless music of blacks and hippies. But in a reversal of strategy, evangelicals later embraced Christian rock as a way to project Jesus&rsquo;s message.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980846http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Undocumented Liveshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737037Minian, Ana Raquel<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737037.jpg"><br /><p>In the 1970s Mexico sent men across the border to take low-level work and return money to their communities back home. But the 1980s U.S. immigration crackdown forced many to remain in the north permanently for fear of not being able to return to work&mdash;trapped in a &ldquo;cage of gold.&rdquo; <b>Ana Raquel Minian</b> explores this unique chapter in Mexican migration.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737037http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400What Is China?http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737143Ge, Zhaoguang<br />Hill, Michael Gibbs<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737143.jpg"><br /><p><b>Ge Zhaoguang</b> addresses sensitive questions of identity that shape the politics of the world&rsquo;s most populous country. This insider&rsquo;s account teases out nuances of China&rsquo;s encounter with the contemporary world, using its past to explain its present and to provide insight into paths the nation might follow as the current century unfolds.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737143http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Plato as Critical Theoristhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971769Thakkar, Jonny<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674971769.jpg"><br /><p>What is the best possible society? How would its rulers govern and citizens behave? In an era when political idealism seems a relic of the past, these questions are more urgent than ever. Taking seriously Plato&rsquo;s claim that in an ideal society philosophers rule, <b>Jonny Thakkar</b> offers a daring experiment to breathe life into our political present.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971769http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400The Law of Bloodhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660434Chapoutot, Johann<br />Richmond Mouillot, Miranda<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674660434.jpg"><br /><p>The scale and depth of Nazi brutality seem to defy understanding. What could drive people to fight, kill, and destroy with such ruthless ambition? <b>Johann Chapoutot</b> says we need to understand better how the Nazis explained it themselves, and in particular how steeped they were in the idea that history gave them no choice: it was either kill or die.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660434http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400The Republic of Arabic Lettershttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975927Bevilacqua, Alexander<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/22/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975927.jpg"><br /><p><b>Alexander Bevilacqua</b> shows that the Enlightenment effort to learn about Islam and its religious and intellectual traditions issued not from a secular agenda but from the scholarly commitments of a pioneering group of Catholic and Protestant Christians who cast aside inherited views and bequeathed a new understanding of Islam to the modern West.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975927http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Other Worldshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984295White, Christopher G.<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674984295.jpg"><br /><p><b>Christopher White</b> points to ways that both spiritual practices and scientific speculation about multiverses and invisible dimensions are efforts to peer into the hidden elements and even existential meaning of the universe. Creatively appropriated, these ideas can restore a spiritual sense that the world is greater than anything our eyes can see.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674984295http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Zbigniew Brzezinskihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975637Vaïsse, Justin<br />Porter, Catherine<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975637.jpg"><br /><p>Zbigniew Brzezinski&rsquo;s impact on America&rsquo;s role in the world extends far beyond his years in the Carter White House. <b>Justin Va&iuml;sse</b> offers the first biography of the Polish immigrant and grand strategist whose geopolitical vision, scholarly writings, and policy advice to many presidents brought lasting changes to America&rsquo;s conduct of foreign policy.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975637http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Carving Up the Globehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976245<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 02/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976245.jpg"><br /><p>With hundreds of full-color maps and finely crafted images, this atlas illustrates treaties that have determined the fates of millions, beginning with ancient Egyptians. <b>Malise Ruthven</b> and a team of experts provide lively historical commentary about the geopolitical efforts of princes, politicians, and diplomats to carve up the globe.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976245http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Law and Legitimacy in the Supreme Courthttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975811Fallon, Richard H.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975811.jpg"><br /><p><b>Richard Fallon</b> offers theories of constitutional law and judicial legitimacy that accept many tenets of legal realism but reject its corrosive cynicism. Based on an ideal of good faith, his account both illuminates current practice and prescribes urgently needed responses to a legitimacy crisis in which the Supreme Court is increasingly enmeshed.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975811http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400To Shape a New Worldhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980754Shelby, Tommie<br />Terry, Brandon M.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980754.jpg"><br /><p>On the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.&rsquo;s, assassination, his political thought remains underappreciated. <b>Tommie Shelby</b> and <b>Brandon Terry</b>, along with a cast of distinguished contributors, engage critically with King&rsquo;s understudied writings on a wide range of compelling, challenging topics and rethink the legacy of this towering figure.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980754http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Elements of Surprisehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980204Tobin, Vera<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/19/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980204.jpg"><br /><p>Reading classic and popular literature alongside the latest research in cognitive science, <b>Vera Tobin</b> shows that a good surprise works by taking advantage of cognitive biases, mental shortcuts, and quirks of memory. She provides not only a sophisticated how-to guide for writers but&mdash;for all readers&mdash;a new appreciation of the pleasures of being had.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980204http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Passwordshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980761Lennon, Brian<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980761.jpg"><br /><p>Cryptology, the science of ciphers and codes, and philology, the study of languages, are typically understood as separate domains. But <b>Brian Lennon</b> contends that computing&rsquo;s humanistic applications, no less than its technical ones, are marked by the priorities of security and military institutions devoted to fighting wars and decoding intelligence.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980761http://www.hup.harvard.eduFri, 01 Sep 2017 15:31:07 -0400Bring the War Homehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674286078Belew, Kathleen<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/12/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674286078.jpg"><br /><p>The white power movement has declared war against the United States and has carried out&mdash;with military precision&mdash;an escalating campaign of terror against the American public. <b>Kathleen Belew</b> gives the first full history of a movement that consolidated around a sense of betrayal over Vietnam and made tragic headlines with the Oklahoma City bombing.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674286078http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 29 Aug 2017 16:51:07 -0400Not Enoughhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737563Moyn, Samuel<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737563.jpg"><br /><p>The age of human rights has been kindest to the rich. As state violations of political rights garnered attention, a commitment to material equality disappeared and market fundamentalism emerged as the dominant economic force. <b>Samuel Moyn</b> asks why we chose not to challenge wealth and neglected the demands of a broader social and economic justice.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737563http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 29 Aug 2017 16:51:07 -0400The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholderhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674972131Webber, David H.<br />HARDCOVER<br />April 2018<br />Available 03/05/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674972131.jpg"><br /><p><b>David H. Webber</b> shines a light on labor&rsquo;s most potent remaining weapon: its multitrillion-dollar pension funds. Outmaneuvered at the bargaining table and in the courts, state houses, and Washington, worker organizations are beginning to exercise muscle through markets. Shareholder activism is a rare good-news story for America&rsquo;s working class.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674972131http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 29 Aug 2017 16:51:07 -0400The People vs. Democracyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976825Mounk, Yascha<br />HARDCOVER<br />March 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976825.jpg"><br /><p>From India to Turkey, from Poland to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. Two core components of liberal democracy&mdash;individual rights and the popular will&mdash;are at war, putting democracy itself at risk. In plain language, <b>Yascha Mounk</b> describes how we got here, where we need to go, and why there is little time left to waste.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976825http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 29 Aug 2017 16:51:07 -0400Carmina Burana, Volume IIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980976Traill, David A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980976.jpg"><br /><p><i>Carmina Burana</i>, the largest surviving collection of secular Medieval Latin verse, features poems on subjects ranging from sex and gambling to crusades and corruption. This new, two-volume presentation of the medieval classic makes the anthology accessible in its entirety to Latin lovers and English readers alike.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980976http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 11 Apr 2017 12:06:01 -0400How College Workshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979802Chambliss, Daniel F.<br />Takacs, Christopher G.<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979802.jpg"><br /><p><i>How College Works</i> reveals the decisive role personal relationships play in undergraduate success, and puts forward small, inexpensive interventions that improve students&rsquo; education. Great teachers are more important than topics studied, and a small number of good friends make a significant difference academically as well as socially.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979802http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400London Foghttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979819Corton, Christine L.<br />PAPERBACK<br />December 2017<br />Available 10/30/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979819.jpg"><br /><p>The classic London fogs&mdash;thick yellow &ldquo;pea-soupers&rdquo;&mdash;were born in the industrial age and remained a feature of cold, windless winter days until clean air legislation in the 1960s. <b>Christine L. Corton</b> tells the story of these epic London fogs, their dangers and beauty, and the lasting effects on our culture and imagination of these urban spectacles.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979819http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400After Naturehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979864Purdy, Jedediah<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979864.jpg"><br /><p>Nature no longer exists apart from humanity. The world we will inhabit is the one we have made. Geologists call this epoch the Anthropocene, Age of Humans. The facts of the Anthropocene are scientific&mdash;emissions, pollens, extinctions&mdash;but its shape and meaning are questions for politics. <b>Jedediah Purdy</b> develops a politics for this post-natural world.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979864http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Safe Passagehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975071Schake, Kori<br />HARDCOVER<br />November 2017<br />Available 10/30/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975071.jpg"><br /><p>History records only one peaceful transition of hegemonic power: the passage from British to American dominance of the international order. To explain why this transition was nonviolent, <b>Kori Schake</b> explores nine points of crisis between Britain and the U.S., from the Monroe Doctrine to the unequal &ldquo;special relationship&rdquo; during World War II.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975071http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Out of Boundshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780964031784Monson, Ingrid<br />Oja, Carol J.<br />Wolf, Richard K.<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780964031784.jpg"><br /><p><i>Out of Bounds</i> examines Kay Kaufman Shelemay&rsquo;s impact as a pioneer of musical diaspora studies on a generation of scholars. The wide-ranging essays treat such diverse topics as cantorial life in America, gender and fertility among Ethiopians in Israel, transnational performance itineraries of griots and Korean drummers, and video games.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780964031784http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400One Man Showhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980020Kretler, Katherine L.<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980020.jpg"><br /><p><b>Katherine L. Kretler</b> plumbs the virtues of the Homeric poems as scripts for solo performance. What is lost in the journey from the stage to the page? The book focuses on the performer not as transparent mediator, but as one haunted by multiple stories, bringing suppressed voices to the surface.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980020http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Still Pointshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658706Gardner, Robert<br />Pressman, Adele<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780873658706.jpg"><br /><p><i>Still Points</i> is a collection of remarkable photographs taken by award-winning nonfiction filmmaker and author <b>Robert Gardner</b> during his anthropological and filming expeditions around the world. His images&mdash;from the Kalahari Desert, New Guinea, Colombia, India, Ethiopia, Niger, and other remote locations&mdash;are now in Harvard&rsquo;s Peabody Museum.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658706http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Far & Nearhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658690<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780873658690.jpg"><br /><p>Since its founding in 1886, the Peabody Museum has been collecting, caring for, exhibiting, and researching objects produced by human cultures around the world. <i>Far &amp; Near</i> provides a tantalizing glimpse into the wonders of these collections, which reflect the skilled artistry of human hands and the endless creativity of the human mind.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658690http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions, Volume 10: Part 1: Cotzumalhuapahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658683Chinchilla Mazariegos, Oswaldo<br />Fash, Barbara W.<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p><b>Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos</b> presents the first of four volumes on the site of Cotzumalhuapa in Guatemala. The book describes the site and history of exploration at one of the major Late Classic cities of Mesoamerica, as well as the city&rsquo;s interchange and cultural overlaps with the lowland Maya region.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780873658683http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400A Short History of European Lawhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980341Herzog, Tamar<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980341.jpg"><br /><p><b>Tamar Herzog</b> offers a road map to European law across 2,500 years that reveals underlying patterns and unexpected connections. By showing what European law was, where its iterations were found, who made and implemented it, and what the results were, she ties legal norms to their historical circumstances and reveals the law&rsquo;s fragile malleability.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980341http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:17 -0400Encountering Chinahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976146Sandel, Michael J.<br />D'Ambrosio, Paul J.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976146.jpg"><br /><p>In <b>Michael Sandel</b> the Chinese have found a guide through the ethical dilemmas created by their swift embrace of a market economy&mdash;one whose communitarian ideas resonate with China&rsquo;s own rich, ancient philosophical traditions. This volume explores the connections and tensions revealed in this unlikely episode of Chinese engagement with the West.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976146http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400An Introduction to Chinese Poetryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977013Fuller, Michael A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674977013.jpg"><br /><p><b>Michael A. Fuller</b>&rsquo;s innovative textbook for learning classical Chinese poetry moves beyond the traditional anthology of poems translated into English and instead brings readers&mdash;including those with no knowledge of Chinese&mdash;as close as possible to the texture of the poems in their original language.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977013http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The Halberd at Red Cliffhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977037Tian, Xiaofei<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674977037.jpg"><br /><p>The third century CE&mdash;the Jian&rsquo;an era or Three Kingdoms&mdash;holds double significance for the Chinese cultural tradition. Its writings laid the foundation of classical poetry and literary criticism. Its historical personages and events also inspired works of art throughout Chinese history. <b>Xiaofei Tian</b> examines the interface of these two nostalgias.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977037http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The China Questionshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979406Rudolph, Jennifer<br />Szonyi, Michael<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979406.jpg"><br /><p>Many books offer information about the world&rsquo;s most populous country, but few make sense of what is truly at stake. Thirty of the world&rsquo;s leading China experts&mdash;affiliates of Harvard&rsquo;s renowned <a class="external" href="http://fairbank.fas.harvard.edu/">Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies</a>&mdash;answer key questions about where this new superpower is headed and what makes its people and their leaders tick.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979406http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 36: 2016http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979444Jacques, Michaela<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979444.jpg"><br /><p><i>Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 36</i> includes Jerry Hunter&rsquo;s 2016 J. V. Kelleher Lecture &ldquo;The Red Sword, the Sickle and the Author&rsquo;s Revenge: Welsh Literature and Conflict in the Seventeenth Century.&rdquo; Other papers offer a wide range of articles on topics across the field of Celtic Studies.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979444http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 71http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024200Boeck, Elena<br />Maas, Michael<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780884024200.jpg"><br /><p>In this issue of <i>Dumbarton Oaks Papers</i>: Drandaki, &ldquo;Piety, Politics, and Art in Fifteenth-Century Venetian Crete&rdquo;; Baker, Dompieri, G&ouml;kyildirim, &ldquo;The Reformed Byzantine Silver Based Currencies in the Light of the Hoards from the Belgrade Gate&rdquo;; Vionis, &ldquo;Understanding Settlements in Byzantine Greece: New Data and Approaches&rdquo;; and more.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780884024200http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Lokaprakāśa by Kṣemendra with the commentary of Sahaja Bhaṭṭa, Volume 1http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980389Kṣemendra<br />Bhaṭṭa, Sahaja<br />Witzel, Michael<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Long lost, the edition of this significant text has been recovered in the Soci&eacute;t&eacute; Asiatique in Paris and is now published here. <i>Lokaprak&amacr;&sacute;a by Ks&#803;emendra with the commentary of Sahaja Bhat&#803;t&#803;a</i> fills a large gap in our knowledge of private life and public administration in medieval India and will greatly interest Sanskritists and historians.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980389http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Challenging the Codehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650181Hryn, Halyna<br />Koropeckyj, Roman<br />PAPERBACK<br />June 2018<br />Available 05/07/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p><i>Challenging the Code</i> presents essays examining central issues in Ukrainian literature and culture, with special attention to the comparative and deconstructive approaches of George G. Grabowicz. All major time periods are covered, from the onset of literacy in Kyivan Rus&acute; to twentieth-century modernism and beyond.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650181http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The Epic of Ram, Volume 3http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975019Tulsidas<br />Lutgendorf, Philip<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975019.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Epic of Ram, Volume 3</i> details the schemes of Ram&rsquo;s stepmother, who thwarts his installation on the throne of Avadh. Ram calmly accepts fourteen years of forest exile with his wife, Sita, and younger brother Lakshman. This edition features the Avadhi text in the Devanagari script alongside the English translation.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975019http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400History of Rome, Volume Xhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997158Livy<br />Yardley, J. C.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997158.jpg"><br /><p><b>Livy</b> (Titus Livius, 64 or 59 BC&ndash;AD 12 or 17), the Roman historian, presents a vivid narrative of Rome&rsquo;s rise from the traditional foundation of the city in 753 or 751 BC to 9 BC and illustrates the virtues necessary to achieve such greatness. The books of the fourth decad (31&ndash;40) focus on Rome&rsquo;s growing hegemony in the East in the years 200&ndash;180.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997158http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Hygiene, Volume Ihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997127Galen<br />Johnston, Ian<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997127.jpg"><br /><p>In his treatises <i>Hygiene</i>, <i>Thrasybulus</i>, and <i>On Exercise with a Small Ball</i>, <b>Galen of Pergamum</b> addresses topics of preventive medicine, health, and wellness that continue to resonate with practices of modern doctors and physical therapists.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997127http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Chimpanzees and Human Evolutionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967953Muller, Martin N.<br />Wrangham, Richard W.<br />Pilbeam, David R.<br />HARDCOVER<br />November 2017<br />Available 10/30/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674967953.jpg"><br /><p>Knowledge of wild chimpanzees has expanded dramatically. This volume, edited by <b>Martin Muller</b>, <b>Richard Wrangham</b>, and <b>David Pilbeam</b>, brings together scientists who are leading a revolution to discover and explain human uniqueness, by studying our closest living relatives. Their conclusions may transform our understanding of human evolution.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967953http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The Life of Padma, Volume 1http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660366Svayambhudeva<br />De Clercq, Eva<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674660366.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Life of Padma, Volume 1</i> recounts the histories and noteworthy ancestors of Rama&rsquo;s allies and enemies, focusing on his antagonist Ravana. This first direct translation into English of the oldest extant work in Apabhramsha is accompanied by a corrected reprint in the Devanagari script of Harivallabh C. Bhayani&rsquo;s critical edition.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660366http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Mughal Arcadiahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975859Sharma, Sunil<br />HARDCOVER<br />November 2017<br />Available 10/30/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975859.jpg"><br /><p>Mughal rulers were legendary connoisseurs of the arts, whose patronage attracted poets, artists, and scholars from all parts of the world. <b>Sunil Sharma</b> explores the rise and decline of Persian court poetry in India and the invention of an enduring idea of a literary paradise, perfectly exemplified by the valley of Kashmir.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975859http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Fragmentary Republican Latin, Volume Ihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997011Ennius<br />Goldberg, Sander M.<br />Manuwald, Gesine<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997011.jpg"><br /><p><b>Quintus Ennius</b> (239&ndash;169), widely regarded as the father of Roman literature, was instrumental in creating a new Roman literary identity, domesticating the Greek forms of epic and drama, and pursuing a range of other literary and intellectual pursuits. He inspired major developments in Roman religion, social organization, and popular culture.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997011http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Austrian Reconstruction and the Collapse of Global Finance, 1921–1931http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674088924Marcus, Nathan<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674088924.jpg"><br /><p>Although some statesmen and historians have pinned Austria&rsquo;s&mdash;and the world&rsquo;s&mdash;interwar economic implosion on financial colonialism, in this corrective history <b>Nathan Marcus</b> deemphasizes the negative role of external players and points to the greater impact of domestic malfeasance and predatory speculation on Austrian political and financial decline.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674088924http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400I Remain Yourshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737648Hager, Christopher<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674737648.jpg"><br /><p>For men in the Union and Confederate armies and their families at home, letter writing was the sole means to communicate. Taking pen to paper was a new and daunting task, but <b>Christopher Hager</b> shows how ordinary people made writing their own, and how they in turn transformed the culture of letters into a popular, democratic mode of communication.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674737648http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The Epic of Ram, Volume 4http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975026Tulsidas<br />Lutgendorf, Philip<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975026.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Epic of Ram, Volume 4</i> turns to the story of Ram&rsquo;s younger half-brother Bharat. Despite efforts to place him on the throne of Avadh, Bharat refuses, ashamed that Ram has been exiled, and makes a pilgrimage to restore the true heir. This edition features the Avadhi text in the Devanagari script alongside the English translation.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975026http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Students of the Dreamhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971905Yow, Ruth Carbonette<br />HARDCOVER<br />November 2017<br />Available 10/30/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674971905.jpg"><br /><p>Marietta High, once a flagship public school northwest of Atlanta, has become a symbol of the resegregation that is sweeping across the American South. <b>Ruth Carbonette Yow</b> argues for a revitalized commitment to integration, but one that challenges many orthodoxies of the civil rights struggle, including colorblindness.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971905http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400City of Debtorshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976238Fleming, Anne<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976238.jpg"><br /><p>Since the 1890s, people on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder in the U.S. have paid the highest price for credit. <b>Anne Fleming</b> tells how each generation has tackled the problem of fringe finance and its regulation. Her detailed work contributes to the broader, ongoing debate about the meaning of justice within capitalistic societies.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976238http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Commentary on Plotinus, Volume 5http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674974999Ficino, Marsilio<br />Gersh, Stephen<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674974999.jpg"><br /><p><b>Marsilio Ficino</b> (1433&ndash;1499) was the leading Platonic philosopher of the Renaissance and is generally recognized as the greatest authority on ancient Platonism before modern times. The I Tatti edition of his commentary on Plotinus, in 6 volumes, contains the first modern edition of the Latin text and the first translation into any modern language.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674974999http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400No Morality, No Selfhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976504Doyle, James<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976504.jpg"><br /><p>Elizabeth Anscombe&rsquo;s &ldquo;Modern Moral Philosophy&rdquo; and &ldquo;The First Person&rdquo; have become touchstones of analytic philosophy but their significance remains controversial or misunderstood. <b>James Doyle</b> offers a fresh interpretation of Anscombe&rsquo;s theses about ethical reasoning and individual identity that reconciles seemingly incompatible points of view.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976504http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Indian Captive, Indian Kinghttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976320Shannon, Timothy J.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976320.jpg"><br /><p>In 1758 Peter Williamson, dressed as an Indian, peddled a tale in Scotland about being kidnapped as a young boy, sold into slavery and servitude, captured by Indians, and made a prisoner of war. Separating fact from fiction, <b>Timothy Shannon</b> illuminates the curiosity about America among working-class people on the margins of empire.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976320http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Self-Consciousness and Objectivityhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976511Rödl, Sebastian<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976511.jpg"><br /><p><b>Sebastian R&ouml;dl</b> undermines a foundational dogma of contemporary philosophy: that knowledge, in order to be objective, must be knowledge of something that is as it is, independent of being known to be so. This profound work revives the thought that knowledge, precisely on account of being objective, is self-knowledge: knowledge knowing itself.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976511http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Hygiene, Volume IIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997134Galen<br />Johnston, Ian<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997134.jpg"><br /><p>In his treatises <i>Hygiene</i>, <i>Thrasybulus</i>, and <i>On Exercise with a Small Ball</i>, <b>Galen of Pergamum</b> addresses topics of preventive medicine, health, and wellness that continue to resonate with practices of modern doctors and physical therapists.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997134http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Fragmentary Republican Latin, Volume IIhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997141Ennius<br />Goldberg, Sander M.<br />Manuwald, Gesine<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674997141.jpg"><br /><p><b>Quintus Ennius</b> (239&ndash;169), widely regarded as the father of Roman literature, was instrumental in creating a new Roman literary identity, domesticating the Greek forms of epic and drama, and pursuing a range of other literary and intellectual pursuits. He inspired major developments in Roman religion, social organization, and popular culture.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674997141http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Civic Longinghttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976153Hyde, Carrie<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976153.jpg"><br /><p>No Constitutional definition of citizenship existed until the 14th Amendment in 1868. <b>Carrie Hyde</b> looks at the period between the Revolution and the Civil War when the cultural and juridical meaning of citizenship was still up for grabs. She recovers numerous speculative traditions that made and remade citizenship&rsquo;s meaning in this early period.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976153http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400After Irelandhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976566Kiberd, Declan<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976566.jpg"><br /><p>Political failures and globalization have eroded Ireland&rsquo;s sovereignty&mdash;a decline portended in Irish literature. Surveying the bleak themes in thirty works by modern writers, <b>Declan Kiberd</b> finds audacious experimentation that embodies the defiance and resourcefulness of Ireland&rsquo;s founding spirit&mdash;and a strange kind of hope for a more open nation.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976566http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400The Anime Boom in the United Stateshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976993Daliot-Bul, Michal<br />Otmazgin, Nissim<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976993.jpg"><br /><p>Drawing on in-depth interviews with animation professionals, field research, and a wide-scale market survey, <i>The Anime Boom in the United States</i> investigates the Japanese export of anime television and film to the United States. This story carries broad significance for those interested in understanding the cultural and media globalization.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976993http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Latin Poetryhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977174Ariosto, Ludovico<br />Looney, Dennis<br />Possanza, D. Mark<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674977174.jpg"><br /><p>In <i>Latin Poetry</i>, the erudite and playful works of one of Italy&rsquo;s greatest poets, <b>Ludovico Ariosto</b> (1474&ndash;1533), are translated into English for the first time. This I Tatti edition provides a newly collated Latin text and offers unique insight into the formation of one of the Renaissance&rsquo;s foremost vernacular writers.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977174http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:16 -0400Bioinspired Deviceshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967946Goldfield, Eugene C.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674967946.jpg"><br /><p><b>Eugene Goldfield</b> lays out principles of engineering found in the natural world, with a focus on how components of coordinated structures organize themselves into autonomous functional systems. This self-organizing capacity is one of many qualities which can be harnessed to design technologies that can interact seamlessly with human bodies.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674967946http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Squire's Fundamentals of Radiologyhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674057951Novelline, Robert A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674057951.jpg"><br /><p>In this long-awaited 7th edition, <b>Robert Novelline</b> provides more than 600 new high-resolution images representing the current breadth of radiological procedures. The clear choice for excelling in the practice of radiology, this textbook covers essential topics in the curriculum and features hundreds of cases clinicians can turn to again and again.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674057951http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Inequalityhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979789Atkinson, Anthony B.<br />PAPERBACK<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979789.jpg"><br /><p>Inequality and poverty have returned with a vengeance in recent decades. To reduce them, we need fresh ideas that move beyond taxes on the wealthy. <b>Anthony B. Atkinson</b> offers ambitious new policies in technology, employment, social security, sharing of capital, and taxation, and he defends them against the common arguments and excuses for inaction.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979789http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Sharing the Prizehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980402Wright, Gavin<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/08/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674980402.jpg"><br /><p>Southern bus boycotts and lunch counter sit-ins were famous acts of civil disobedience but were also demands for jobs in the very services being denied blacks. <b>Gavin Wright</b> shows that the civil rights struggle was of economic benefit to all parties: the wages of southern blacks increased dramatically but not at the expense of southern whites.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674980402http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Supreme Injusticehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674051218Finkelman, Paul<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674051218.jpg"><br /><p>In ruling after ruling, the three most important pre&ndash;Civil War justices&mdash;Marshall, Taney, and Story&mdash;upheld slavery. <b>Paul Finkelman</b> establishes an authoritative account of each justice&rsquo;s proslavery position, the reasoning behind his opposition to black freedom, and the personal incentives that embedded racism ever deeper in American civic life.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674051218http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Commentaries, Volume 3http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674058385Pius II<br />Meserve, Margaret<br />HARDCOVER<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674058385.jpg"><br /><p><i>Commentaries</i> by <b>Pius II</b> (1405&ndash;1464)&mdash;the only autobiography ever written by a pope&mdash;was composed in elegant humanistic Latin modeled on Caesar and Cicero. This edition contains a fresh Latin text based on the last manuscript written in Pius&rsquo;s lifetime and an updated and corrected version of the 1937 translation by Florence Alden Gragg.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674058385http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Age of Conquestshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659643Chaniotis, Angelos<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674659643.jpg"><br /><p>The world that Alexander remade in his lifetime was transformed once again by his death in 323 BCE. Over time, trade and intellectual achievement resumed, but Cleopatra&rsquo;s death in 30 BCE brought this Hellenistic moment to a close&mdash;or so the story goes. <b>Angelos Chaniotis</b> reveals a Hellenistic world that continued to Hadrian&rsquo;s death in 138 CE.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674659643http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400The Life of Saint Neilos of Rossanohttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977044Capra, Raymond L.<br />Murzaku, Ines A.<br />Milewski, Douglas J.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674977044.jpg"><br /><p><i>The Life of Saint Neilos of Rossano</i> is a snapshot of a distinctive moment before the schism between the churches of Rome and Constantinople. Neilos lived in both hermitages and monasteries, torn between solitude and community. This edition provides the first English translation with a newly revised Greek text.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674977044http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Carmina Burana, Volume Ihttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660250Traill, David A.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674660250.jpg"><br /><p><i>Carmina Burana</i>, the largest surviving collection of secular Medieval Latin verse, features poems on subjects ranging from sex and gambling to crusades and corruption. This new, two-volume presentation of the medieval classic makes the anthology accessible in its entirety to Latin lovers and English readers alike.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660250http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400The History of Akbar, Volume 4http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975033Abu'l-Fazl<br />Thackston, Wheeler M.<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975033.jpg"><br /><p><i>The History of Akbar, Volume 4</i> by <b>Abu&rsquo;l-Fazl</b> narrates the second eight years of Akbar&rsquo;s reign, including his visit to Ajmer, the arrival of an embassy from the Safavid court, and the author&rsquo;s brother&rsquo;s career as court poet. The Persian text, presented in the Naskh script, is based on a careful reassessment of the primary sources.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975033http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Risalohttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975040Latif, Shah Abdul<br />Shackle, Christopher<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/04/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975040.jpg"><br /><p><b>Shah Abdul Latif</b>&rsquo;s <i>Risalo </i>is acknowledged as the greatest classic of Sindhi literature. In this collection of Sufi verses, composed for musical performance, the poet creates a vast imaginative world of interlocking references to Islamic themes of mystical and divine love and the scenery, society, and legends of the Sindh region.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975040http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400From Byron to bin Ladenhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979567Arielli, Nir<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674979567.jpg"><br /><p>What makes people fight for countries other than their own? <b>Nir Arielli</b> offers a wide-ranging history of foreign-war volunteers, from the French Revolution to Syria. Challenging notions of foreign fighters as a security problem, Arielli explores motivations, ideology, gender, international law, military significance, and the memory of war.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674979567http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Sea of the Caliphshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660465Picard, Christophe<br />Elliott, Nicholas<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674660465.jpg"><br /><p><b>Christophe Picard</b> recounts the adventures of Muslim sailors who competed with Greek and Latin seamen for control of the 7th-century Mediterranean. By the time Christian powers took over trade routes in the 13th century, a Muslim identity that operated within, and in opposition to, Europe had been shaped by encounters across the sea of the caliphs.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674660465http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400France’s Long Reconstructionhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976412Chapman, Herrick<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976412.jpg"><br /><p>Postwar recovery required a transformation of France, but what form it should take remained a question. <b>Herrick Chapman</b> charts the course of France&rsquo;s reconstruction from 1944 to 1962, offering insights into the ways the expansion of state power produced fierce controversies at home and unintended consequences abroad in France&rsquo;s crumbling empire.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976412http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400The Hatred of Literaturehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976122Marx, William<br />Elliott, Nicholas<br />HARDCOVER<br />January 2018<br />Available 12/11/2017<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674976122.jpg"><br /><p>For 2,500 years literature has been condemned in the name of authority, truth, morality and society. But in making explicit what a society expects from literature, anti-literary discourse paradoxically asserts the validity of what it wishes to deny. The threat to literature&rsquo;s continued existence, <b>William Marx</b> writes, is not hatred but indifference.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674976122http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 27 Mar 2017 16:20:15 -0400Aesthetic Lifehttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975163Lippit, Miya Elise Mizuta<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975163.jpg"><br /><p><i>Aesthetic Life</i> is a study of modern Japan, engaging the fields of art history, literature, and cultural studies, seeking to understand how the &ldquo;beautiful woman&rdquo; (<i>bijin</i>) emerged as a symbol of Japanese culture during the Meiji period (1868&ndash;1912).</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975163http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:09:07 -0400Bannermen Tales (Zidishu)http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975194Chiu, Elena Suet-Ying<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975194.jpg"><br /><p><i>Bannermen Tales</i> is the first book in English to offer a comprehensive study of <i>zidishu</i>&mdash;a popular storytelling genre created by the Manchus in early eighteenth-century Beijing. With original translations, musical score, and numerous illustrations of hand-copied and printed texts, this study opens a new window into Qing literature.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975194http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:09:07 -0400The Tears of Achilleshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975682Monsacré, Hélène<br />Snead, Nicholas J.<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975682.jpg"><br /><p>This study by H&eacute;l&egrave;ne Monsacr&eacute; shows how Western ideals of inexpressive manhood run contrary to the poetic vision of Achilles and his warrior companions presented in the Homeric epics. Pursuing the paradox of the tearful fighter, Monsacr&eacute; examines the interactions between men and women in the Homeric poems.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975682http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:09:07 -0400The Singer of Taleshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975736Lord, Albert B.<br />Elmer, David F.<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975736.jpg"><br /><p>First published in 1960, <i>The Singer of Tales</i> remains the fundamental study of the distinctive techniques and aesthetics of oral epic poetry&mdash;from South Slavic epic songs to the <a class="publicationTitle" href="/catalog.php?isbn=9780674995796">Iliad</a>, <a class="publicationTitle" href="/catalog.php?isbn=9780674995611">Odyssey</a>, <a class="publicationTitle" href="/catalog.php?isbn=9780674052956">Beowulf</a> and beyond. This edition offers a corrected text and is supplemented by an open-access website with audio recordings.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975736http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:09:07 -0400Old Norse Mythology—Comparative Perspectiveshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975699Hermann, Pernille<br />Mitchell, Stephen A.<br />Schjødt, Jens Peter<br />Rose, Amber J.<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674975699.jpg"><br /><p>The existing manuscripts of Old Norse mythology were written mainly by Christians, obscuring the pre-Christian oral histories. This book assembles comparisons from a range of analytical perspectives&mdash;examining the similarities and differences of the Old Norse mythologies with the myths of other cultures and within the Old Norse corpus itself.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674975699http://www.hup.harvard.eduMon, 17 Oct 2016 15:09:07 -0400Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 109http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971653Thomas, Richard F.<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p><i>Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Volume 109</i> includes Jos&eacute; Marcos Macedo&rsquo;s &ldquo;Zeus as (Rider of) Thunderbolt,&rdquo; Henry Spelman&rsquo;s &ldquo;Borrowing Sappho&rsquo;s Napkins,&rdquo; Florence Klein&rsquo;s &ldquo;Vergil&rsquo;s &lsquo;Posidippeanism,&rsquo;&rdquo; Benjamin Victor&rsquo;s &ldquo;Four Passages in Propertius&rsquo; Last Book of Elegies,&rdquo; and other essays.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674971653http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Apr 2016 12:28:25 -0400The Military-Entertainment Complexhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674724983Lenoir, Tim<br />Caldwell, Luke<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674724983.jpg"><br /><p>With the rise of drones and computer-controlled weapons, the line between war and video games has blurred. <i>The Military-Entertainment Complex</i> traces how the realities of war are inflected by their representation in entertainment. War games, in turn, feature an increasing number of weapons, tactics, and scenarios from the War on Terror.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674724983http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Apr 2016 12:28:23 -0400Feminist in a Software Labhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674728943McPherson, Tara<br />PAPERBACK<br />February 2018<br />Available 01/15/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674728943.jpg"><br /><p><b>Tara McPherson</b> asks what might it mean to design&mdash;from conception&mdash;digital tools and applications that emerge from contextual concerns of cultural theory and from a feminist concern for difference. This question leads to the Vectors lab, which for a dozen years has experimented with digital scholarship at the intersection of theory and praxis.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674728943http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 21 Apr 2016 12:28:23 -0400Taras Shevchenkohttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650143Grabowicz, George G.<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Taras Shevchenko (1814&ndash;1861) is almost universally viewed as the father of the modern Ukrainian nation and the icon of its cultural and political resurgence. <b>George G. Grabowicz</b>&rsquo;s revisionist study examines the cult and myth that still envelop his legacy. The portrait that emerges shows a much more complex writer and artist than the icon intimates.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650143http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 15 Apr 2015 13:42:41 -0400Cultural Agents Reloadedhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674088559Tognato, Carlo<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674088559.jpg"><br /><p><i>Cultural Agents Reloaded</i> reflects on the accomplishments and failures of Antanas Mockus, twice Mayor of Bogot&aacute;. His example motivates us to sharpen our understanding of what cultural agency is in the present day by bringing into focus the challenges public humanities face when they travel South and struggle to become genuinely global.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674088559http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 15 Apr 2015 13:42:41 -0400Pedro Reyeshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674025158Falconi, José Luis<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674025158.jpg"><br /><p>Mexico-based artist, architect, and cultural agent Pedro Reyes turns existing social problems into opportunities for effecting tangible change through collective imagination. <i>Ad Usum: To Be Used</i> is a full-color illustrated survey of Reyes&rsquo;s projects including images, interviews, and critical essays by leading scholars in diverse fields.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674025158http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 16 Oct 2014 17:02:28 -0400Sculpture and Coinshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674428379Arnold-Biucchi, Carmen<br />Beckmann, Martin<br />HARDCOVER<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Based on a Harvard Art Museums symposium on the acquisition of Margarete Bieber&rsquo;s coin collection, <i>Sculpture and Coins</i> addresses the relation between large statuary and miniature art in the private and public domain. Scholars from various disciplines explain the importance of coins for identifying and analyzing Greek and Roman portraiture.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674428379http://www.hup.harvard.eduWed, 06 Nov 2013 11:18:54 -0500Churches and Stateshttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650068Hryn, Halyna<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br />http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650068http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 20 Jan 2011 10:21:26 -0500Makina/Medinahttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781934510193Chaouni, Aziza<br />Sarkis, Hashim<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/missing_jacket.jpg"><br /><p>Through a series of essays by urban historians, economists, and designers, <i>Makina/Medina</i> examines the potential impact of cultural events on the revitalization of historic cities. The aim of this volume is to explore how the urban design set up for a cultural event could help improve access and legibility in this medieval city and to positively affect its economic and social development. The book also includes a series of hypothetical design projects for the Makina Square by Harvard Graduate School of Design students.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781934510193http://www.hup.harvard.eduThu, 02 Dec 2010 10:16:28 -0500James and Royce Reconsideredhttp://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674033054Lamberth, David C.<br />PAPERBACK<br />July 2018<br />Available 06/30/2018<br /><br /><img src="http://www.hup.harvard.edu/images/jackets/9780674033054.jpg"><br /><p>In the first decade of the twentieth century, William James and Josiah Royce, both professors of philosophy at Harvard, towered over American philosophy and exerted wide influence on European thought. This volume offers a unique view of the state of the discussion on James and Royce across several disciplines.</p>http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674033054http://www.hup.harvard.eduTue, 21 Jul 2009 13:32:45 -0400