Andrew Kinney

General Editor

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Andrew Kinney, General Editor

startquoteI work with writers to produce fresh, provocative books that cross disciplinary boundaries and speak to a diverse readership. In psychology, anthropology, cognitive studies, and related disciplines in the social and human sciences, I seek projects that explore behavior and development across the lifespan and under a variety of circumstances—in families and communities, in business and work, among voters and political figures, for example—and deal with such issues as violence, aging, health, poverty, and gender. In education, I welcome manuscripts that address the many practical problems that faculties, students, and administrators face as the role of higher education changes, and as the methods and materials of both instruction and research evolve. In the humanities, my interests are wide-ranging: environmental studies, American studies, and global and cultural history. I also oversee the I Tatti Renaissance Library, which offers authoritative versions of the major works of the Italian Renaissance in the original Latin and facing-page English translation.endquote

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