Jeff Dean

Executive Editor for Physical Sciences and Technology

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Jeff Dean, Executive Editor for Physical Sciences and Technology

startquoteI seek manuscripts in the physical sciences, engineering, and technology, and especially welcome work addressing foundational issues with far reaching theoretical or practical implications. In the physical sciences, I am particularly interested in those areas most affected by, and affecting, planetary change and related human activity, including atmospheric science, Earth and environmental science, ocean science, hydrology, climate science, and geology. I also pursue work in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and cosmology. In engineering, key areas of interest include energy, materials, manufacturing, transportation, buildings, water, and communications, with a special emphasis on sustainable engineering. In technology, I am looking for manuscripts addressing robotics and artificial intelligence, computing, nanotechnologies, virtual and augmented reality, human enhancement, and networked, mobile, or embedded technologies. I also publish the history and philosophy of these subjects, and work with authors to develop both scholarly and trade books.endquote

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