Lindsay Waters

Executive Editor for the Humanities

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Lindsay Waters, Executive Editor for the Humanities

startquoteMy main areas of acquisition are philosophy, literary studies, cultural studies, Asian studies, pop culture, and conflicting relations among peoples in the United States and around the world.

The philosophy list builds from books by Putnam, Quine, McDowell, Hornsby, Anscombe, Brandom, Rawls, Haugeland, Rorty, Scanlon, Gibbard, Albert, Sellars, and Cavell.

The literary and cultural studies lists center on questions in literary history, extending the reach of our “new histories” of French, German, and American literatures. Our “angel of history” is Walter Benjamin, whose writings inspire the many authors on our list striving to fuse history, politics, and the arts, and to spark a revival of aesthetics. In general, I seek books that develop a global humanism, based on a holistic philosophy that reflects upon the limits of reductionism.endquote

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