Sharmila Sen

Executive Editor-at-Large

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Sharmila Sen, Executive Editor-at-Large

startquoteThe books I publish make lasting contributions to intellectual conversations in a number of areas including ancient history, religion, Classics, and West and South Asian studies. My authors are often fluent in multiple modern and ancient languages and reside in countries all over the world. The books they write are for general readers and scholars alike. My work as an editor is shaped by my commitment to the production and dissemination of intellectual ideas across various media, languages, and geopolitical boundaries in the twenty-first century.

While I remain open to considering books on a wide range of subjects, I am especially interested in religion and democracy, technology for the global poor, problems of multiculturalism, secularism and its discontents, as well as questions of race and migration in modern Europe. I welcome authors who write on cross-cultural transactions in the world of antiquity that stretched from Pompeii to Pataliputra, ancient economies, and the continual reordering of the relationship between ancients and moderns that is the very hallmark of Classics. I also seek innovative books on the politics, culture, economics, and technologies of Asia, from the Bosphorus to the Bay of Bengal and beyond the Strait of Malacca.

My acquisitions include the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, the digital Loeb Classical Library, and the Murty Classical Library of India. These series offer our anglophone readers original texts and fluid, authoritative translations of historical, literary, philosophical, and scientific works from the premodern world in languages as diverse as Greek, Latin, Old English, Sanskrit, Pali, Tamil, Persian, Hindi, Panjabi, Telugu, Bangla, and Urdu. The digital Loeb Classical Library honors James Loeb’s mission of making the Classics accessible and presents an elegant, modern iteration of that original vision. The Murty Classical Library of India boldly expands the Press’s century-old tradition of publishing the Classics to new linguistic and cultural horizons.endquote

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