Thomas LeBien

Executive Editor-at-Large

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Thomas LeBien, Executive Editor-at-Large

startquoteMy interests are at once broad—ranging across history, economics, finance, law, sociology, government, and politics—and narrow. I seek books that promise to persuade multiple audiences and challenge prevailing presumptions, and I find that cogent, clear arguments arising from the intersection of fields accomplish this most often. With that goal in mind, I look for authors with commanding expertise and a willingness to take full advantage of the iterative process of publishing with Harvard. It starts in my office, includes peer review, and continues in collaboration with every department of the press. The collective focus of this effort is to publish books that succeed by many metrics, especially influence and consequence, along with prestige and sales. Authors I have worked with include Cass Sunstein, Timothy Breen, Sam Harris, Iris Bohnet, Charles Clotfelter, John Hope Franklin, Brandon Garrett, and Philip Gura. While I frequently commission books, submitted proposals are also welcome.endquote

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