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In order to to help educators make course book decisions, we offer examination copies in two formats: online and paperback.

Online Exam Copies

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Look for the link at the bottom right of the book details section on an individual book’s page.

View a list of all books currently available for online examination. Titles in this program are also identified by a link in the “About This Book” area on individual book pages.

To request an online exam copy, follow the “request” link and complete the required steps, such as providing your affiliation, course title, and the projected number of students in your course. Your information is used only for review and to contact you about your request.

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Once your request has been approved, you will have 30 days to:

  • Read the book (or books) you have requested
  • Submit feedback about the book(s)
  • Request an extension
  • Request additional books
  • Forward ordering information to your local bookstore

HUP is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint. We hope you find this program to be a convenient and “green” alternative to ordering paperbacks.

We welcome feedback about this feature. Please if you have any questions or comments.

Common Reads: First-Year Experience

Harvard University Press’s “Common Reads” collection aims to bolster a feeling of community within an assembly of scholars. Books in this collection were selected for their potential to captivate the minds of undergraduate readers and inspire participation in engaging group conversations. All Common Reads titles are available for online examination.

View Common Reads Recommendations »

Paperback Exam Copies

Qualifying instructors in the United States, Canada, and any region not handled by our London Office (see below) may request up to three (3) Harvard University Press paperback titles per course for free plus the cost of shipping ($6.00 USD per copy). All examination copies are provided at our discretion.

To request examination copies, write to us on departmental letterhead and include the following information:

  • Course title and level
  • Semester(s) offered or dates course will run
  • Expected enrollment
  • Text(s) currently used
  • Adoption decision deadline
  • Your complete contact information
  • Payment: A check (in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank, and made payable to Triliteral) or credit card information (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express) for the cost of shipping ($6.00 USD per copy)

Where to Send Requests

If you are an academic working within the United States or Canada, send your request to Triliteral, LLC, our distribution center:

Triliteral, LLC
100 Maple Ridge Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864, USA
Fax: (800) 406-9145 / (401) 531-2801 (include credit card information)

We do not process exam copy requests via telephone or email. However, if you have questions about the program, you can contact Customer Service during regular business hours at (800) 405-1619, (401) 531-2800, or by email to .

Cloth-bound (Hardback) Books

We offer a 10% academic discount on prepaid orders of cloth-bound (hardcover) books for course adoption consideration. To apply for this discount, send a letter of application (as above).

Requests from Outside the U.S. and Canada

Requests from the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Africa, or the Middle East

If you are an academic working within the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Africa, or the Middle East, examination (or “inspection”) copies are also available to you. Shipping costs are borne by HUP. Please write your request according to the instructions above but send it to our London Office:

Harvard University Press
C/o Rebekah White, Marketing Manager
Vernon House
23 Sicilian Avenue
London WC1A 2QS, United Kingdom
Fax: (+44) (0)20 7831 9261

If your request is approved and your requested book is shipped, you will have 30 days to assess the title’s suitability. If you decide to adopt the book for your course, we will request details from you about your bookstore and evidence that an order has been placed there or that the book appears on a reading list. If after 30 days you decide against adopting it for the course, you may either return the book to HUP (in re-saleable condition) or retain the book and pay for it (at its normal price).

If you have questions about the program, please call +44 (0)20 3463 2350 or email .

All Other International Requests

If your geographic region is neither the U.S./Canada nor a region (listed above) that is handled by our London Office, please follow the instructions above for the U.S. and Canada and send your request to Triliteral, LLC. Note that shipping costs may be higher.

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