Follow-up Form for Clarifying, Amending, or Canceling a Permissions Application

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Please use this form to contact the Permissions Department in the following cases:

  • The Permissions Department has responded to your application and requested additional information or clarification. If you have multiple requests with multiple Reference Numbers, please submit a form for each number.
  • You need to amend an already-issued license. Your license has been issued, but there are details about your use that need to be updated that would materially impact the terms of the license (including but not limited to the amount of HUP material itself, the number and nature of formats for your work, the circulation numbers for your work, etc.). If you have multiple change requests with multiple Reference Numbers, please submit a form for each number.
  • You need to cancel an already-issued license. You have decided not to use HUP material for which you have received permission. If you have multiple licenses that need to be canceled, please submit a form for each Reference Number.
If You Do Not Have a Reference Number

If you recently submitted an application and you have not yet received a response from the Permissions Department, but you need to correct or replace information you provided, you will need to complete the Application Form again in full—this time including the corrected or additional information. Please choose “A replacement for a previous application” in the first question and clarify under “Summary of Corrections” what changes/additions were made.

For more information, please see the “Making Changes…” sections of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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