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Risk-Benefit Analysis

Risk-Benefit Analysis

Second Edition

Richard Wilson, Edmund A. C. Crouch

ISBN 9780674005297

Publication date: 10/30/2001

Over the centuries, mankind has slowly reduced the risks and hazards that even as recently as a century ago kept life expectancy to a mere 45 years. Our average lifespan has improved to 77 years by remarkable progress in public health and safety. But with this improvement has come a demand for greater efforts to improve both life expectancy and the quality of life. The first edition of this book, published in 1982, was a pioneer in the development of logical, yet simple, analytic tools for discussion of the risks which we all face. This new edition, revised, expanded, and illustrated in detail, should be of value both to professionals in the field and to those who wish to understand these vital issues.


  • This book provides a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the methodology for assessing and managing risks. Based on well-developed lectures given for many years at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis and written by both an academic and a practitioner in this rapidly evolving field, it contains clear explanations, excellent examples, and duality figures and tables...The best yet on this topic.

    —S. A. Batterman, Choice


  • Richard Wilson was Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Harvard University.
  • Edmund A. C. Crouch is Principal, Cambridge Environmental, Inc.

Book Details

  • 384 pages
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • Harvard School of Public Health